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Waffles and chicken - it's a breakfast food! This is a southern american delight, served with butter and syrup. The chicken is deep fried!

Chicken and Waffles at The King Eddy
Chicken and Waffles at The SmoQue Shack
Chicken and Waffles at The King Eddy
Chicken and Waffles at Lone Star Texas Grill
Chicken and Waffles at The King Eddy
Chicken and Waffles at Detroit Soul Food
Chicken and Waffles at Brothers Beer Bistro
Where to get Chicken and Waffles


2016 Jun 8
This new (seasonal?) addition to their menu is spot on! The lunch size was about $12 and contained:

* 3 generous hunks of the most delightfully crisp and succulent boneless breast and thigh meat
* 1/4 of a waffle (hidden under the chicken)
* nice bowl of seasoned corn
* condiment cup with a sweet honey syrup

The skimpy quarter-waffle was actually a refreshing change compared to most restaurants that skimp on the chicken instead! Here, the chicken is wonderful and plentiful while the waffle is there to give you something to do between bites of chicken. Pro tip: ask for a bottle of hot sauce and put the chicken experience over the top!

Highly recommended.

I think I saw that the dinner version is $16. Presumably that one contains more than 1/4 waffle... :)


2015 Apr 10
I was in the area on a Friday afternoon and have been wanting to check out the chicken and waffles after seeing sumptuous pics on social media. Spot on!

Excellent waffles, fluffy but substantial, lightly caramelized, dusted with sugar/cinnamon/chocolate, and drizzled with syrup. Succulent and steaming crispy chicken too! The seasoning on the chicken is light, so accepting the hot sauce is a good idea if you want to take your mouth out for a ride. These aren't massive chicken pieces but they're addictive, so feel free to order one piece more than you think you might need. You're welcome.

That deep fried Oreo cookie was spectacular too! It's a "golden" Oreo, encased in crispy batter, and drizzled with a little chocolate syrup. The end result is the full flavour of a chocolate Oreo without the batter offering a sort of bread layer to offset the sweetness of the cookie.




2012 Jun 2
Well I was a bit underwhelmed at their chicken and waffles. For a $24 fried chicken plate the portion size of a chicken breast and the bone attached to it was a tad on the small side. I did not really get the Kichesippi flavor that it was brined in and the coating was no better something seemed to be off with the seasoning. Guess I am still remembering Lady&Sons fried chicken so my judgment may be a bit biased. The waffles were on the dry side and the slightly bitter syrup/sauce did not really do it for me,some butter probably would have helped. The slaw was ok and gravy helped but could not save this dish. I guess I just couldn't not get passed the price for chicken. Zaki blows it out of the water.

2019 Nov 10
It had been more than two years, so I figured it was time to have the Northern Fried Chicken and Waffles ($19) again. Aside from the $3 price jump, I found the waffle soft, chewy, and unremarkable. Maple syrup might have made it better (especially given the "Northern" branding of the dish) but alas this was cheap tasteless syrup. The coleslaw was miserable but the fries were fine. Bonus points for supplying gravy!

So really, you're far better off just getting a 3-piece side order of chicken for $10 and maybe a salad or fries and gravy. Pro tip!

2017 Sep 21
The Northern Fried Cauliflower and Waffles ($15.99) is priced the same as the fried chicken and waffle platter and I can assure you it is just as satisfying. This is a lot of salty-in-a-good-way deep fried cauliflower. In fact, the whole platter is over the top generous. This is roughly half a cauliflower, an entire Belgian waffle, a big pile of fries, fresh coleslaw, a veritable vat of gravy, and a big portion of syrup. It all made for a delicious lunch on a day when I skipped breakfast and had only a salad for dinner. Wow!

2016 May 19
The King Eddy is a welcome addition to the Byward Market. Prices are not unreasonable given the location. The 3-piece fried chicken with waffles was impressive upon arrival. The chicken is tender and moist, but a fair bit smaller than it looks thanks to generous bone content. The batter has a strong herb component, which could be problematic for some. The waffle was good. Thumbs up for providing gravy *and* syrup. Overall, very pleased!

2018 Jan 6
The Chicken and Waffles ($12) looked pretty amazing. Generous boneless chunks of (mostly) moist breast meat started out promising but suffered from a strangely bland but delightfully crunchy breading. I dipped them into the sauce of my Southern Style Greens ($5.50) to make them nice. The waffle itself was a hearty cornmeal one that needed dipping in the sweet apple-tinged syrup before eating. Nestled amongst the chicken pieces was a thick slab of icing sugar doused butter that also helped lubricate the waffle.

My palate was uncomfortably confused by the icing sugar on the chicken and the sliced scallions with syrup. Some people might like these combinations more than I do, so please accept my discomfort with appropriate skepticism.