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Lone Star Texas Grill
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2017 Aug 12
In September of 1993, I found myself in Ottawa for the first time ever, feeling rather wide-eyed and small. I was here to begin a 4-month co-op work term in my last year of university and I was very hungry. Our hosts that evening suggested we go to their favourite restaurant. Coming from Victoria, I felt that the drive from northern Barrhaven to the corner of Baseline and Fisher was an incredibly long one. I can't remember what I ate at Lone Star that night, but it was a warm and enjoyable introduction to Ottawa's food scene.

Given my nostalgia, I was happy to be invited to the ByWard Market location of Lone Star as part of a recent food blogger publicity event. We enjoyed cocktails, rolled up our sleeves to assemble pico de gallo and tomatillo salsa (guided by “Chef Bones” of course), took photos of their new summer menu items, and then sat down to a nice feast of fajitas.

Stand outs for me were the Watermelon Margarita cocktail and the Coconut Shrimp. I was also happy to discover the jalapeño relish, which is their spiciest condiment and kicks the steak fajitas to another level of awesome.

They are deservedly proud of making all their tortillas, salsas, and condiments from scratch in house. When you not only stay in business but thrive for more than 30 years, it means you're doing something right!

2012 May 9
Byward Market Location
Date of visit: March 24, 2012

The Lone Star Grill is part of a chain but the only one I have ever visited (twice so far) is the one in Ottawa’s Byward Market On my first visit, I tried some of their ribs, which were not that bad, but, this time, I decided to extend to them a chance to be a competitor in my ongoing Rib Steak challenge…

Ribsteak ... Rating 4 out of 5

This is a nice ‘homey’ restaurant with good, hearty fare. I don’t know what it is like in the evenings but I would certainly recommend it as a decent place to take the family during the daytime. I enjoyed my meal here and received the same good service as I did on my first visit. A would definitely return again.

See a full pictorial review at:sybaritica.me

2011 Oct 23
Wow- my first and only experience at Lone Star didn't look anything like the pictures shown!

The pictures look quite generous in comparison to what our order looked like at Lone Star in the market.

My friend who is not a very adventurous eater and fairly frugal was in town and wanted to meet for dinner. She suggested somewhere in the market. All of the places I would have loved to eat at in the market would have been either way too radical for her tastes or too expensive. So, based on another non adventurous tastes, I suggested Lone Star.

My friend had a half chicken half beef fajita and I ordered a chicken spinach salad. My salad was OK. The chicken was insainely salty and I actually left about half of it. I have had much better salads in the same price range ($14).

My friend's fajita looked kind of sad. I have seen fajitas come out sizzling with a bunch of steam and the smell is just so enticing- this one was not. The condiment plate looked about half the size of the one pictured.

Despite my observations, my friend raved about her fajita. She thought that it was the best meal she'd had in Ottawa. I thought the price of the fajita was quite reasonable (also $14), compared to my salad.

On a positive note, the service was very good but that alone won't bring me back.

2009 Sep 21
Lady who brunches it was always called Lone Star. Val Belcher who played for Houston in collage and Ottawa in the CFL was the original owner of The Lone Star and brought fajitas to Ottawa. A friend of mine managed the original restaurant on Baseline for years. Lane his son runs a great restaurant on Preston.

2009 Sep 21
Ken, what was it called before it was bought out? There are Lone Stars all across Canada (at least in major cities), and they've been around for at least ten years.

2009 Sep 21
I was a regular here before it was bought out ten years ago by a large company that owns quite a few restaurants in Ottawa. I find now the quality of food is not the greatest(pre packaged and processed). Their tortillas are still made fresh.

2009 Sep 21
@ lonestar - been a patron for 20 years; however my visits have been less frequent in recent years due to less value/prices steadily increasing/skimping. don't get me wrong, LS is a great place for getting it on with hot TEX, sizzling MEX, and getting you and your clothes that wonderful perfumed dose of eau de mesquite. also it is a great joint for parties, watching the game, AYCE fajita mondays, loud crowds, office partays and humuliating bdays. service is VERY casual but food is sometimes inconsistent due to larger kitchen staffing; thus, you have to demand the respect you deserve if your visit is not up to par in comparison to your previous ones. good times!

NOTE: if you're a server here, you're prolly among the top places in ottawa for tip revenue...

lonestar pico de gallo - simple perfection that can be easily recreated @ home with fresh cut tomatoes, salt, vinegar, onions, cilantro, lemon juice. surefire flavor hit.

2009 Sep 21
hot pico de gallo porny food pic again. to cut down on calories, forget the salty chips and eat it all up straight like gazpacho.

2009 Sep 21
some of da fixin's.

also cold beans (not pictured) = YUCK and YUCK OFF.
and dirty mexican rice (not pictured) = zesty good!

2009 Sep 21
beef and chicken fajita's for 4. portions this time was right; however, not so for another person at our table...

the beef is skirt steak which is a tougher belly meat yet flavorful that is tenderized then cut at an angle before serving for that it is
easier to chew.

Fajitas 3



2008 Feb 24
I've been burned a couple of times in the past getting shafted on the tortillas, so now I ask for extra when I place my order. Problem solved! Fajita lovers take note - ask for more tortillas if ordering takeaway!

2008 Feb 24
That sounds like a mistake! When you eat in, they happily bring you more tortillas on request. For take out they should be more generous than that, since obviously you can't ask for more.

2008 Feb 24
FYI - I guess the sharp increase in flour prices has hit Lone Star. Tonight a bunch of us split a 1-pound chicken/steak combo for takeout, and they only gave us 6 fajita wraps - less than 2 per person :(

I should have taken a pic of some of the overstuffed fajitas that ensued...

2007 Sep 25
I could really use one of those little tortilla making machines in my kitchen. These are the best fajitas you'll find in the city. A 1/2 pound is ~$20 and is more than enough for 2 people to feast on (although they could work on the onion/pepper ratio and be a little more generous on the meat sometimes)

2007 Sep 14
The best hands down. It's the fresh tortillas that make the difference. My husband and I always share a half pound of steak fajitas (I find the chicken a little bland) and we always leave really satisfied and very full!


2016 Jun 8
This new (seasonal?) addition to their menu is spot on! The lunch size was about $12 and contained:

* 3 generous hunks of the most delightfully crisp and succulent boneless breast and thigh meat
* 1/4 of a waffle (hidden under the chicken)
* nice bowl of seasoned corn
* condiment cup with a sweet honey syrup

The skimpy quarter-waffle was actually a refreshing change compared to most restaurants that skimp on the chicken instead! Here, the chicken is wonderful and plentiful while the waffle is there to give you something to do between bites of chicken. Pro tip: ask for a bottle of hot sauce and put the chicken experience over the top!

Highly recommended.

I think I saw that the dinner version is $16. Presumably that one contains more than 1/4 waffle... :)


2007 Sep 22
Warm salty goodness!


2007 Oct 1
I think it's within the past few months that they've changed their salsa. It's still nice and fresh, but I preferred the older version. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I thought it tasted a bit sweeter than before.

2007 Sep 25
Am I crazy or have they changed their salsa recipe in the last few years? Still a great salsa but I find it has a different kick to it now. I can't quite figure it out but I think it used to have more cilantro.

2007 Sep 14
Perfect salsa! If you are looking for something similar at home try Kickin Salsa.

2007 Apr 4
"The one that all others are compared to" -- yes. And a total thumbs-up on the chips, too.

2006 Oct 3
Lone Star's pico de gallo is the best salsa in town -- the one that all others are compared to. Fresh, zesty, with just a hint of jalapeno heat.



2007 Sep 14
Really good margaritas. I prefer classic lime but strawberry is pretty tasty too.