Margaritas at Agave Grill
Margaritas at Agave Grill
Where to get Margaritas

2010 Aug 11
I spend 2 weeks in Mexico every winter--and even there people prefer different styles of m's. I personally prefer Agave's (non-slushy, tart, and strong!) Ask them to tone down alcohol a tad and they will still be delicious (if you prefer non-slushy!) Have to be careful in Puerto Vallarta--2 for the price of 1!

2010 Aug 11
@ Lady who Brunches....How sweet are they?....I know it's hard to gauge this for another The only place I've been able to find proper margs is in the Southwestern USA....haven't had one in Mexico tho.

2010 Aug 11
Happy Mouth, I still maintain that Agave makes the best in town: They are slushy, but not in a mixed kind of way. Real lime, really boozy and just downright good.

2010 Aug 10
Where is the best place to get a Margarita in Ottawa? I'm talking about a drink with good tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice etc. Not the sweet syrupy stuff made with bartenders mix or worse, the slush puppy kind.....anyone?

2007 Jan 12
Here's my favourite Margarita recipe. This is for people who love tequila and lime... no slushy stuff!

* 2 oz Silver Tequila
* 1 oz Cointreau or Triple Sec
* Juice of half a lime
* Salt for rimming

1. Shake first three ingredients sharply with cracked ice.
2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass rimmed with salt.


2007 Oct 3
The strawberry margarita I had there was terrible. I realize that it isn't their specialty, but the syrup they use doesn't taste anything like strawberries. It was watery instead of being thick and slushy. The food isn't great and it bothers me that the waitresses at the Bayshore location are snotty and look like they should be working as strippers. Makes me wonder what their hiring policies are.

2007 Jan 12
I tried a Margarita here on "Margarita Day" and almost hurled. It was pure artificial lime flavour, much like eating a green lifesaver candy. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! Not even a drop of real lime juice. I couldn't drink it. :-(


2007 Sep 14
Really good margaritas. I prefer classic lime but strawberry is pretty tasty too.


2007 Sep 14
Quite possibly the best Margarita I've ever had (at Dow's Lake location).



2010 Aug 11
Since I'm arguably reviewing the Margaritas at Agave in answering Happy Mouth's question, I will put it this way: I eat lemons and limes whole. I live for tart foods. The margaritas at Agave are sweet to me, but not too sweet. They have a good, solid lime taste.

2009 Mar 27
Are they sure they only put 2 shots of tequila in these? (hick), I'm feeling a little boozy...

For 10 bucks, I'd say it was worth it :)

2009 Feb 25
The margaritas are superb! Icy, not slushy, limey, and thirst quenching. The strawberry ones are equally fresh, evidenced by the seeds at the bottom of your empty drink, and perfectly not too sweet.

The best part has to be how Les makes them magically reappear in the blink of an eye.

I can never remember to whip out the camera before half of it is downed.

2008 Jul 28
Fresh squeeze limes, and a martini style, but icier--I wouldn't say "slushy" because that reminds me of mixes that you get from the LCBO (or Loblaws for that matter), but it has a thicker quality to it. And the tequila they use is smooth, not a great deal of afterburn.

Hope that helps. You may just have to try one to find out (pity I gave up alcohol until I lose twenty pounds)

2008 Jul 25
Can you give us some more detail on what makes them the best? Do they use fresh squeezed limes or that green lifesaver syrup? Are they martini-style or slushy? I'm not putting my hand down unless I have more information! Thanks! ;-)

2008 Jul 24
hands down, the best margaritas in town.