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2012 Dec 23
To Rizak 48-M

I think 'Shill' is a little harsh. I write a non-profit blog rather than maintain a 'site', which connotes a commercial venture and I gain nothing other than have people maybe come and take a look at other food related articles I post.

In my own defence, I think my blog excerpts provide as much information as many other comments posted here. I don't think the fact that I invite people to my come look at the full review at my blog is in 'bad form' as you suggest.... it costs nothing to do that extra 'click' so I can't think that I am 'tempting' anyone except in the most benign way... obviously, you can choose not to do so if you wish.

John Thompson

2012 Dec 15
Quite obviously a shill for his own site. Posts partial reviews to tempt you away to his site rather than putting the information here.

Bad form.