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2012 Apr 29
Re: Wondering where there is a good chip truck - if you're willing to head to Nepean, I LOVE the fries at TV's Fries in the parking lot of Canadian Tire off of Merivale. There are two chip trucks in that "plaza", but it's the one with the covered canopy structure thing. I haven't had them yet this year, but last year they were stellar and fresh cut/cooked (we watched it happen). You salt your own, and I had the poutine - absolutely delicious.

Good luck on your search :)

2012 Jan 19
Just got a poblano pepper at the Blossom Park Farm Boy, just in case you're still looking, LOL.

2011 Nov 7
Hey! Saw your comment on Back Lane Cafe...there are a few wood-fired pizza joints in town that you might like...have you tried La Favorita, and Tennesy Williams? Or I think there is one on Carling, Calabria maybe?

2011 Jul 5
Thanks.. i check the inventories on the LBCO often... I'll be dropping by college square to pick some up since they are out at the hunt club location.

2011 May 31
You said that M.I.C. Eatery and Whisky Bar already exists but I can't find a duplicate. Can you clarify? Thanks!

2010 Sep 3
Pavones! My friend who used to live in that area said they have awesome pizza. I'll have to hit it up sometime. It looks like good NY style round.

Speaking of pizza, I was out in front of Gabriel's Pizza and saw them get a delivery of 'brick american' cheese. That's what they seem to use on their pizza.

2010 Aug 10
I agree with you about WW. Awful shit.

2009 Aug 13
Dude, if I ran into Rick Bayless on the street I would at least take my sunglasses off and smile at the camera.

That is pretty cool though!

2009 Aug 11
did you just bump into Rick Bayless on the street?! great pic!

2009 Mar 28
The repeat customers at WW obviously don't know good wings from cramp.

Sent a complaint Friday morning to the Head Office of WW. They responded by saying the Operator at the Ottawa West location had been notified and he was going to contact me soonest......tick, tick, tick, I'm still waiting.........