At the moment you can drop in and buy growlers to have them filled.

Kichesippi Beer Company
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2012 Aug 2
I want to drink the seasonal Heller High Water all. the. time. Think it's only available for under a week, now, fyi..

2011 Jun 20
I'm a big fan of the blonde. It has a taste that I find unique among Ontario pale ales. I also like the growlers and the ability to get a pour straight from the keg. Between two of us we've never had to deal with leftover beer the next day. ;)

I was just in to pick up some of their new IPA called 613. Unfortunately for me they sold out in an hour yesterday. Apparently it's still available at some locals, I'd call first to confirm: Towne, Johnny Farina, Wellington Gastropub, Petit Bill's Bistro, Chesire Cat are the names I recall.

New IPA coming in the Fall.

2011 Jun 20
I like this beer, on draft at least. For me, it's the kind of beer that is more enjoyable with food. Btw, it's Kichesippi without the 't', honest mistake as the beach off the river parkway (and perhaps the ward, too) is spelled the other way.

2011 Jun 20
Did I miss something here about the location? Also, if you don't get to the bottom in time, flat beer makes a great marinade for beef as well as other meats.

2011 Jun 19
You definitely have to drink the whole growler after it is opened. I had a 16oz glass left over from yesterday and it is flat. The grass might enjoy it.

2011 Jun 18
Ken, I hear ya! It is really hard to stay in the store for more than a minute, but the girlfriend loves it - the things we do for the ones we love, lol! Good point about the smell assault.

I will certainly try it again. I do know however, there is no shortage of flavour in Kitchessippi blonde, so in that regard, I respect the beer and those who enjoy it - even though it does not totally jive with me, yet.

2011 Jun 18
@ Ilikerealfood perhaps try it in a neutral environment. That lush place is an assault on the sense of smell I can't go in the place without feeling ill. It could have had an effect on the taste sense as they are closely related.

2011 Jun 18
I have had growlers of both the Blonde and 1855. I've enjoyed both but definitely prefer the 1855. I'd agree that the growlers last about two days in the fridge after opening, but I can taste a difference even a day later. I hope they eventually bottle (standard size, or even bombers or 750 ml) since it's only when having parties that we go through a growler in one sitting. I'd likely buy it more often if I didn't have to buy the large quantity.

2011 Jun 18
I was walking in the market last weekend and as I walked by the overly fragrant store "lush", they invited me in for a free beer for their anniversary or something. They were serving kitchessippi blonde.

I can't say I enjoyed it. I like all sorts of beers with a lot taste, but I find this way too hoppy and kind of nutty. I can see that some people would love it, but it really tastes funny to me. I couldn't finish it, and that's alarming considering the fact that it was free and I love beer.

To each their own.

2011 Jun 18
Dropped by today to get a couple of growlers and ask some questions. They are running at capacity right now and have plans for expansion timetable unknown. 1855 and Blond were available today so I picked up one of each. They will last for two weeks in the fridge if unopened and two days if opened. Blond on the left 1855 on the right. Think I will open the Blond and see if I can get to the bottom.