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2015 Jul 21
Alas, the best phở (IMO) in Ottawa is not in Chinatown, but in Kanata at Kanata Noodle House and Authentic Vietnamese Pho House.

In Chinatown, I guess I'd go to Pho Thu Do for phở b. It's really quite good.

2015 Jul 10
You're probably the only other person on this planet who says 'Alas'.

2012 Jun 29
Sam Adams Summer Ale is back at the LCBO!

2011 Feb 11
Thanks for your support of my work's review. I'm glad somebody agrees with me, most people think I'm crazy.

But yeah, the Works is pretty good, they just need to season their burger, and until I learn that they do, I will not choose to go there. If I am sucked into going, then I can still have an enjoyable evening - seeing as though the works is still very tasty (when you entertain some of their more unorthodox options).

I also am not a big fan of Baton Rouge either, and people also look at me funny for that aswell.

Cheers mate,

PS. love your avatar and sly descarte quote

2010 Oct 17
Hi! All my opinions are documented on the associated Nachos page... namely that the best I've had in town seem to be at Ahora, but they still aren't all that great. :S

2010 Sep 22
hi-ya whoami, sorry, I don't!

Chowhound-ontario has had recent ramen-in-TO related threads. But, to perhaps to spare you train fares, the advice of Japanese expat friends is to head to Win Tai and buy some of the Nishi brand ramen. Expensive but also better unami. Combine with some all-day-soaked shitaki mushrooms and a host of other favs and you'll survive the winter.

Further inspirations here?

2010 Aug 11
Your pizza order at ZaZaZa is the stuff dreams are made of. Thanks for the good review!