AYCE Japanese BBQ. Order as many meats/vegetables/seafood as you'd like and grill it yourself. As well, enjoy Japanese side dishes.

Foods from Yakiniku One


2019 Jan 29
Went here for Lunch during the Christmas Break, and went back last night for dinner.

Both times, I found it incredibly delicious, and fun.

Like any AYCE place, you can order as much as you want. Meat-wise, we ran the gamut.

Personally recommend: Beef:
Eye of Round, Ribeye, Shortrib, Brisket
Vegetables: White Mushrooms, Sweet potato, Buttercup squash
Sides: Edamame, Cold Noodles, Sesame Ramen, Pork Ramen
Ice Cream: All of them.

All these choices were good.

The chicken, and the pork belly wasn't that great, so I wouldn't recommend.

It is cold in there until the grill is lighted, so keep your jacket on til then.