This vendor no longer exists!

Gourmet takeout (plus a few seats) breakfast and lunch place in Carlington business park, on Clyde at Woodward. Good selection of paninis, wraps, sandwiches, salads, homemade soups and pastries.

The Filling Station
Foods from The Filling Station


2018 Jun 14
FINALLY had the muffuletta today.

It utterly exceeded my fairly high expectations. Also, my stomach. Am going back ASAP.

2018 Mar 6
Since seeing that Muffaletta here I have been to the filling station a lot.

Tried the Cuban, Reuben, Jerk Chicken Wrap and that amazing Muffaletta. Still have the Beef and Cheddar and Lamb on Naan on my immediate list, but I am willing to drive 10 minutes to go and get my lunch these sandwiches are outstanding.

Homemade chips are pretty tasty too!

2018 Feb 23
Damn you for that pic Scrabbies, i want to put that in the mouth part of my face that right now.

NOW. saddens me that i used all caps and everything and yet the sandwich did not magically appear before me.

2018 Feb 22
Here's their Muffaletta, still delicious. The asparagus soup was excellent as well!

2018 Jan 5
We stopped in to have lunch at the Filling Station. Today's choice for me was the meatball sub and the cream of bacon and potato soup. The sub was fantastic and the soup was exactly what was called for given today's chilly temperatures. Oh yeah, the home made potato chips are highly addictive. This place continues to impress.

2017 Dec 22
Glad to see this place still open and with steady business whenever I visit. My current go-to is the New Orleans Muffaletta, a triple decker extravagance piled with meat and marinated/pickled diced veggies. Soups remain excellent. Beef curry with rice and naan was delicious. Hot beef dip was very good, reuben and cubano are daily good options too. Surly mustache guy seems to be out of the picture and a kindly older lady is there instead, improving the hospitality. I will be back soon!

2016 Dec 2
Stopped by the Filling Station today for lunch. I just had to have the meat loaf panini along with the Indian lentil soup. Delicious!

2016 Aug 10
We have been staycationing for the last few weeks allowing us to drop by to check out the Filling Station. Last week I had the cubano sandwish and the cream of wild mushroom soup. The experience was so good, we decided to return today. I had the jerk chicken along with the spicy thai chicken soup. The better half had the grilled chicken bruchetta with provolone cheese. Once I am back to work, I am going to have to find some way to make it back here.

2016 Aug 10
I have been there twice. Avocado and turkey wrap was great. The Ruben sandwich was very good as well. I don't get to that part of town often but I will stop in here whenever I am there.

2016 Aug 10
Glad to read someone else has been. We have been here often since the first time and have yet to be disappointed. Try the jerk chicken with pineapple salsa. It is swoon-worthy.

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