Best Frozen Dumplings In The City [General]

2018 May 16
Hi all,

What is everyone's favourite frozen dumpling?

I bought 30 shrimp, pork and chive dumplings from the Dumpling Bowl on Somerset and man were they ever delicious. Downside was they were $18. At the same time, they were by far the best I've ever had and blew Yen Fung Ding's dumplings out of the water. I'm hoping to find something similar but less expensive.

2018 May 16
The Dumpling Shop on Somerset is my go-to. They sell frozen dumplings. Period.
It's just a few doors down from Yang Sheng at the corner of Bronson. I always stop in there and get a couple pounds of bbq pork at the same time.

2018 May 17
You talking about Yen Fung Ding? I've had them fresh there and they were so good. Haven't tried frozen.

2018 May 18
There is the Dumpling Bowl as well on Somerset that sells the froze ones.. they are handmade.

2018 May 20
Yes, butwhoami. Yen Fung Ding. 628 Somerset St. I've never seen them fresh there. I'll have to take another look. I usually just go straight to the freezers.

2018 May 20
The Dumpling Bowl is the best. T&T has some good ones in the frozen section that come from Toronto but I canít remember the name and itís out of the way.

2018 May 21
Rizak, they've got a menu and everything! They were actually really kind and let me pick up my order 10 minutes after close.