Usually at the Carp Farmers' Market on Saturdays and also at various other events.

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2018 Jul 14
The most perfectly balanced Margherita Pizza ($11) I've ever encountered. Acidic-sweet tomato, salty-tangy-stretchy cheese, pungent freshly picked basil, and a beautifully light chewy-crisp crust with a pleasant bitterness from the char.

If you loved Chef Mike Frank's magic at the former Mellos Restaurant and also more recently on Mondays at citizen then you'll be happy to know that this venture is a shared one between him and his business partner, Bernie Limoges.

There are three fuel burning pizza ovens at work here, each at a different temperature. As ordered, each crust is formed by hand, topped, then carefully cooked by passing it between the ovens as needed. My Margherita was topped with basil (plucked after the pizza was cooked!) and then briefly reinserted into an oven to lightly wilt it.

There was nobody ahead of us and we waited a little over 5 minutes for two pies. With a larger lineup the wait could be quite a while but the nice thing is they tell you how long it will be and you can go do something else.

Highly recommended!