Albanian bakery.

Burek at The Bakery (Greenbank)
Burek at The Bakery (Greenbank)
Burek at The Bakery (Greenbank)
Burek at The Bakery (Greenbank)
Lepinja at The Bakery (Greenbank)
Foods from The Bakery (Greenbank)

2016 Jul 3
I believe the official name of this bakery is the 'Hasi Bakery'. The signs outside do only say 'The Bakery' but I think the Interac receipt and record on your bank account has the proper name.

Agree on all counts, the burek, fritters, bread, turnovers, etc. all worth a trip.

2008 Mar 26
If you can get these while they're warm you'll find a bit of heaven! They are thick and fluffy flatbreads with a delicious flavour reminiscent of Barbari (Barbari Bread) but without sesame seeds. Roughly 7 inches in diameter they are great for sandwiches or giant hamburgers. ;-)


2016 Jul 3
The burek here is good! $5 for a large pizza slice shaped piece, with your choice of cheese, spinach and cheese, or meat.

We had the cheese-- the filo was a touch thicker than we're used to but it didn't get in the way of the whole thing being delicious.

Can't believe it took me this long to find out it existed.. as burek fans, this will be a regular stop for us whenever we're in the area.

For anyone else who may be confused as we were by the listing of simply 'Bakery', this is a small independent bakery tucked into the shopping plaza at Greenbank/Hunt Club anchored by the Metro (250 Greenbank Rd.). And, to our surprise, it really is just called 'The Bakery' .. small, unassuming bake shop with a bunch of breads, buns, and Eastern European goods.

2013 Jul 31
I really should eat the burek from here more than once every few years. It hits all the wonderful crunchy, salty, fatty spots of a good craving!

I rewarmed this plain cheese one in my convection oven, which gave it a slightly darker finish. So beautifully crispy and rich. It really is like a savoury version of the Kouign-Amann. Pure love.

2013 Apr 6
Thanks, Captain Caper. I'll be checking it out.

2013 Apr 6
3 Balkan style cheeses in kind and 3 Blakan style cheeses PLUS spinach in the other. I was expecting the cheese(s) to be quite salty but they were not.

The latter is kinda like a Greek spanakopita.

Btw. The slices are kept in a warmer for those who seek instant gratification.

(Picture is an outtake. The bottom view of thr slice I gobbled down in my car in The Bakery's parking lot.)

2013 Apr 5
Yum. What are they filled with?

2013 Apr 5
Here is the proud Balkan baker with an UNCOOKED Burek. These are to take home and bake.

Fill your house with the wonderful smell and have your guests drooling as they come through your door.

I think it was around $18/huge pie. Would make 8 appetizer servings ... easily. (A 1/4 pie at lunch with an apple was quite satisfying).

Phone ahead .... they only make a few unbaked per day but are willing to put one aside as you make your way there.

Really good friendly service at this place !

I will be back to try other goodies.

(Thank you FF for your 2008 entry !)

2013 Apr 5
Was out near Greenbank on bizzyness this am. Remembered there was a foodie place out there I wanted to try. Searched Ottawa Foodies for 'Greenbank'. Found Fresh Foodies Bakery entry from 2008.

What a find !

My first ever Burek could not even get out of the parking lot before being happily munched down. Pic is from it sitting on my knee with a bite or two out of it.

Price is now $4.50 a big slice (1/4 of the round). Up only 50 cents in 5 years. Not bad, considering the increase in the cost of flour.

See my next entry for those who really want to impress guests (or themselves ) with Burek from The Bakery.

2008 Mar 26
The Spinach and Feta Burek from here is incredible. You get a huge slice for $4, easily enough for a meal.

2013 Oct 26
This bakery does a pretty mean apple fritter, and I'm saying that as someone who is not generally much of an apple fritter fan. Something to pick up with your Burek, bread and miscellaneous and sundry Eastern European treats. Best when fresh of course.