Apple Fritters at Carp Bakery
Where to get Apple Fritters


2015 Aug 1
It's hard to find a better way to spend a loonie. If you've only ever had apple fritters from a chain doughnut shop you might be amazed at the lack of any chemical taste in these. Good product, good deal!

2010 Aug 7
Tried them again today and they were top-notch! Large, fresh, full of hearty cinnamon taste, with no greasiness and not too much sugary glaze.

After trying them fresh, I can only imagine that the Apple Fritters I had on my earlier visit were made the previous day...

2010 Jun 18
The fritters here are probably very good fresh, but the one I had (at 9:15am, within half an hour of purchasing it) was surprisingly dry. The flavour, however, was good. I'd like to give them another try.

2010 Apr 30
The bakery changed the recipe/format of the fritters a couple of years ago. Instead of giant free form blobs (which had nice crunchy bits from the thin edges an beautiful soft doughy parts in the middle) to a more uniform round ball. This was a step down for the product, although it is still quite good. Carp bakery is currently #2 on my apple fritter go to list.

2008 Nov 3
This place makes the biggest and best apple fritters I've had. I highly recommend people give them a shot. They are sooo much better than what you'd get a Tim's


2010 Jun 3
Does Tom & Sons sell at any retail outlets?

2010 Apr 30
Agreed, best apple fritter (and probably best donuts) in Ottawa. Do not settle for T-Ho's cooked/frozen/thawed "donuts", they are terrible and resemble sawdust, and now your memories of a real donut are probably fading and you've forgotten what a real, fresh donut tastes like. Tom & Son's fritters have chunks of real apple in them, streaks of cinnamon and a nice sugary glaze. This is maybe a once a week indulgence, carb+sugar overload on these suckers.

2010 Apr 30
OK I tried out the large apple fritters. They were very good, probably the best currently available in Ottawa.

2013 Oct 26
This bakery does a pretty mean apple fritter, and I'm saying that as someone who is not generally much of an apple fritter fan. Something to pick up with your Burek, bread and miscellaneous and sundry Eastern European treats. Best when fresh of course.