Bakery--serves sandwiches, soups and daily lunch specials. Bread, buns, sweets, home style donuts, etc. Small cafe tables available for eat in.
Closed Sunday and Monday.

To get there, drive into Carp via Carp Road northbound, then turn left at Donald B. Munro Drive (the main intersection in Carp). The Carp Bakery is on your left, next to the LCBO.

Apple Fritters at Carp Bakery
Bread Rolls at Carp Bakery
Doughnuts at Carp Bakery
Foods from Carp Bakery

2010 Jun 18
In addition to the great doughnuts and wonderful looking danishes and cinnamon rolls, they have a wall filled with dinner-type rolls. I squeezed a bag and was thrilled at the texture. I'll be back to try them for sure!

The little tables for eat-in use are a total blast from the past. I felt like I was transported 3 decades back in time looking at them. Very cool.


2008 Apr 29
Just wanted to clarify--the meatball sub is only available on Thursdays here. Each weekday there is a different sandwich special. I wouldn't want someone to get there and not have it available.

2008 Apr 28
The Carp Bakery entry came as a surprise. I had stopped in on a Thursday at lunch to buy bread and the fellow ahead of me was ordering…surprise! 2 meatball subs to go. I was shocked when they were placed in front of him—huge and just $6 for the 2 of them. How could I resist?! The meatballs and sauce were bubbling away in a huge crockpot. Probably not authentically homemade but the flavour of the meatballs cooked with the sauce was darn good. The sub bun was good but a touch crustier would have been better. The meatballs were a little smaller than Pesto’s and Parma’s but bigger than Subway. Nice size to bite and required soft texture. The cheese was very generous but was cheddar not mozzarella—real cheese though, not processed. You could have lettuce &/or tomatoes but that’s not the way I wanted mine (not my comfort way and again too messy). This was a very large sandwich—I made it past the halfway mark but I wasted a lot. All in all, very good for the price and I’ll certainly make sure I go again on Thursday special day.


2015 Aug 1
It's hard to find a better way to spend a loonie. If you've only ever had apple fritters from a chain doughnut shop you might be amazed at the lack of any chemical taste in these. Good product, good deal!

2010 Aug 7
Tried them again today and they were top-notch! Large, fresh, full of hearty cinnamon taste, with no greasiness and not too much sugary glaze.

After trying them fresh, I can only imagine that the Apple Fritters I had on my earlier visit were made the previous day...

2010 Jun 18
The fritters here are probably very good fresh, but the one I had (at 9:15am, within half an hour of purchasing it) was surprisingly dry. The flavour, however, was good. I'd like to give them another try.

2010 Apr 30
The bakery changed the recipe/format of the fritters a couple of years ago. Instead of giant free form blobs (which had nice crunchy bits from the thin edges an beautiful soft doughy parts in the middle) to a more uniform round ball. This was a step down for the product, although it is still quite good. Carp bakery is currently #2 on my apple fritter go to list.

2008 Nov 3
This place makes the biggest and best apple fritters I've had. I highly recommend people give them a shot. They are sooo much better than what you'd get a Tim's


2010 Aug 7
Once again, highly recommended! Worth the drive out to Carp, and if you're going to the Carp Farmers' Market already, you would do yourself a disservice by not walking the 3 minutes to Carp Bakery for a few Doughnuts.

Worthy of note since my last visit:

* The Apple Fritters were fresh this time, and tasted great! Good cinnamon flavour and not too greasy or sugary.
* The jelly doughnut was filled with strawberry jelly this time. I preferred the grape but hey, it's neat that they switch things up once in a while.
* The Boston Cream was probably my favourite. Sooo good!

2010 Jun 18
I picked up a couple dozen doughnuts to take to work today. Overall, I was impressed!

They had 5 kinds:

* Chocolate glazed
* Maple glazed
* Boston cream
* Jelly filled
* Apple fritters

The Boston creams have a tasty chocolate glaze and a really nice filling, especially when compared to what is available at the drive-thru chains.

The jelly doughnuts have a very purple looking but mild tasting grape jelly. Probably the best jelly doughnut I've ever had!

The prices vary from $0.85 to $1.50 per doughnut but there seems to be a volume discount and I ended up paying under $16 for the two dozen. In terms of value for what you get, this runs circles around the competition! It is a little out of the way though...

2010 Aug 7
These Farmer Rolls are the epitome of fresh, white roll deliciousness. They also have Dinner Rolls, which have a smoother (and less appealing to me) shape. At $3.25 per dozen, the price is appealing too!

The texture is really airy fairy, but also with that delicious moistness that makes for excellent bread. It would be very easy to dispatch 3 or 4 of them at one sitting. :-)

Also seen: whole wheat rolls, Kaisers, and some elongated ones (hot dog, sub? not sure).