At the Syrian Kitchen we focus on bringing you authentic, fresh, and healthy Syrian cuisine. We are proud to employ newly arrived Syrians giving them the opportunity to work and showcase their heritage.

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2017 Sep 30
The shop, counter, and tables are all shared with the Portuguese Bakery. As far as I can tell, it's the same ownership too. When we visited for lunch on a weekday, there was a menu board listing a bunch of sandwiches and platters similar to what you might see at a Lebanese restaurant. We were told that they didn't have anything other than the falafel Syrian Sandwich. So falafel sandwiches we had!

It was $6 or $7 and it was delicious! The filling was similar to a falafel shawarma, with a lighter and slightly less garlicky sauce (maybe it was baba ghanouj?). The wrap was not a standard pita; rather, it was several layers of a super thin whole wheat bread (likely what is called khobz marquq). Served toasted in a sandwich press, it had a lovely pastry-like flakiness that perfectly offset the toothsome interior.

Huge thumbs up for this tasty product! We'll be back again for these excellent sandwiches. And next time I'll try one of the homemade doughnuts or cinnamon buns rather than the consistently disappointing Pastéis de Nata.

2017 Jul 22
Nice to hear their stuff is being sold at Herb & Spice. I've just discovered them fairly recently and have been purchasing their stuff from Produce Depot (Carling/Maitland location).
Just wanted to sign up so I could rave a bit about Syrian Kitchen!! :)
I absolutely love the way they make and sell their tabouleh. No onions, and the dressing is in a little container you add yourself, so not soggy! Plain, simple ingredients!
Their hummus is plain -- no garlic. I have nothing against garlic, but every now and then, it's nice to have hummus this way -- pure, and simple. Their ingredients are few -- and that's a good thing! Just tried their falafel today -- Excellent! I used my toaster oven to heat it up, and it was very crispy on the outside, tasty and delicious. I do find their foods a little pricey, but definitely worth the extra. Definitely!


2017 Mar 15
Have not been to their location on Nelson, but they are selling their products at the Herb and Spice on Wellington. Tried out their hummus and baba ganoush and both were delicious. They are also selling their tabouleh and falafel. Definitely a nice addition to Herb and Spice.