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2012 Jul 5
..and I just saw your forum post mentioning the Rideau/King Edward LCBO. I'll check it out, thanks.

2012 Jul 5
Thank you for the Sam Adams heads up! Where'd you find it? I only see 1 6pack on hand on their website, out at Bank/Walkley.

2012 May 28
Done and Done...

Will keep you posted :)

2012 May 28
Thanks for the tip.

I have not been to either, but judging by the really poor reviews of Tocos du Mauro, I'm hesitant. But I'll give it a go if you personally reccomend it.

Yeah, Ahora isn't great either, I totally agree. I should have clairified. I didn't mean to say that ahora was phenominal mexican, it's just leagues ahead of feleenas - which is really really bad.