Weekend Brunch at Erling's Variety
Foods from Erling's Variety

2015 May 9
Found out the hard way why there are no prices on their dessert menu - 2 tiny triangles of chocolate 'terrine' with some caramel and cream was a whopping $11. Insane. Rip off.

2014 Feb 16
Went here for dinner. They do small plates, meant for sharing. The food comes out on an "as made" basis, so I guess the idea is to have a steady stream of them arrive (and you can continue ordering throughout). We had a half dozen. Shrimp was perfect in a salty, creamy, garlicky sauce, a lobster salad special that was very well done - properly cooked lobster with a shrimp ceviche. The duck was a bit of a low point - fat was still a little flabby - needed a better sear. Pricepoint was okay - we had two bottles of wine though, so that drove it up.

I was the only one who got dessert - creme caramel, which was perfect. Cold and creamy with that hard sugar crust.

2014 Nov 19
This is a great neighbourhood place for a weekend brunch. Service was friendly and the Americanos were great. My group was pleased with their food choices overall. I opted for the House Benny but encountered some quality control problems: one of my two poached eggs was quite firm, and the pork belly was kind of chewy and dried out. But it was all tasty nevertheless.

Likely worth returning for dinner, even though I'm not a Glebeian. ;-)