Butter Tarts at Franks Baked Goods and Catering
Butter Tarts at Franks Baked Goods and Catering
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2015 Jan 22
So picked up their lunch special today to share. It was a warm veal parmesan sandwich with delish tomato sauce and cheese. You could add other toppings as well.

Even before I ordered I was very distracted by the wall (!!) of butter tarts and more. Added one plain and one with raisins for a sweet ending to a filling and satisfying lunch for 2.

I will definitely return as the selection of sandwiches was vast and many sounded yummy. Very good value for lunch.

2015 Jan 20
Inkling: You can, and you should.

2015 Jan 20
Can you go into Frank's and just get one sandwich for lunch? I've seen their store on Greenbank but have never considered stopping in because a name like "Frank's Catering and Baked Goods" seems to imply that I'd want to go there if I wanted a platter of sandwiches and not just one.

2015 Jan 19
A contender for best value sandwich in the city with Nicastro's and Dirienzo's-- though for my money, it is.

The menu has every different combo of meat/vegetables/sauce you can dream of, its only weakness being that it leaves you gawking for minutes trying to make a decision as you only grow hungrier and hungrier.

Sandwiches are incredibly generous at $6 a pop -- you can easily be full on half, and eat the rest as another meal the next day. Some are literally bricks made of meat-- more slices than you can count, piled as high and wide as you can get your mouth open.

And it's not just quantity, either -- everything tastes absolutely fresh and made from quality ingredients.

Small shop with personality, affordable, friendly service, and gratuitous butter tarts for dessert. Can't ask for anything more.

Jun 13
80% crust, and barely any filling. These are a far cry from "Ottawa's Best Butter Tarts". The crust is not terrible, but has no taste at all. As you can see, there is barely any filling to give it flavour.
If this is what they use for promotion, I hesitate to try anything else in the shop.

2017 Aug 15
The bold claim of being the best butter tarts in Ottawa is not deserved. Good enough filling but a flavourless crust. Not even close to the butter tarts you get at Three Tarts.

2017 Aug 15
The very generous meat for these sandwiches is sliced to order. The ingredients aren’t really at the La Bottega Nicastro level of quality but they’re certainly decent enough, and a great deal for $5.95!