The classic fry truck serving your regular fries as well as poutine - fries with St. Albert's cheese curds and gravy.

Foods from Fritomania


2013 Dec 12
Had Fritomania for the first time during the Poutine Festival. This behemoth is the "sample" size you get with your sample coupon. I was so impressed with the fries, curds and especially the gravy. It had a great flavour. Wish it's permanent location was more central!

2012 Aug 19
If, after dying, I find myself before the Pearly Gates and Saint Peter asks me about the sins in my past life, I will have to sheepishly tell him that I had lived in Orleans for 5 years before trying Fritomania. Simply the best poutine that I have ever tasted.

2012 Apr 13
All thumbs up - best chippie! The chips are close to the ones in England.

2010 Dec 7
Absolute favorite chipwagon, the poutine is unbeatable.

2010 Aug 6
Fritomania offers HUGE portions for their poutine. Their gravy is very oishii (yummy) and isn't the typical gravy taste. For their fries, they use peanut oil so it makes the fries taste better although it may deter many allergic people.
I have noticed that the taste of the fries change, depending on who is cooking. The owner makes it the best! The younger employees sometimes tend to undercook or burn the fries...

Overall it is a great place to stop by if you're in the area!

2010 Jul 6
I agree that the portion sizes are enormous -- my family of four... though that includes a toddler and a preschooler -- splits a medium poutine. Yes, the gravy is yummy, and the scattering of St Albert's curds is done with a generous hand... but I just don't love the fries. They tend toward soggy. I know that this is a reality with poutine, as the fries are subject to so much liquid gooey goodness, but I still expect more from the fries -- I've sampled the plain fries, and they are somewhat limp to start with. Fritomania is an occasional summer fling for us, but only because we live in Orleans. I wouldn't drive across the city to get my poutine fix here, but I would -- and do -- stop on occasion when I'm passing by.

2010 Jun 25
If you have a crazy for poutine, Fritomania is worth the drive from wherever you are to Orleans. Exceptional thick-cut fries with melt in your mouth St. Albert's curds and gravy. Portion sizes are over generous. Great place for your poutine fix!