250 Greenbank Road (just north of Hunt Club)
5373 Fernbank Road (Walmart Supercenter mall)

Phở at Authentic Vietnamese Pho House
Authentic Vietnamese Pho House
Phở at Authentic Vietnamese Pho House
Hủ Tiếu at Authentic Vietnamese Pho House
Bn Riu at Authentic Vietnamese Pho House
Foods from Authentic Vietnamese Pho House

2016 Feb 7
When people ask which Vietnamese restaurant is my favourite, I always reply that it depends what dish they want to eat. For Bn Riu (at rear of photo) and Phở (foreground), I point them to this place. Either location works well as the food is the same. The Stittsville/Kanata location is nicer inside and has more seating.

2013 Sep 8
We visited the Greenbank location for lunch on a Saturday. It wasn't busy at all but it should be!

Our appetizers were disappointing: $4.25 for two skinny spring rolls and a goi cuon bo satay (satay beef salad roll) that was made with ground beef and had little flavour.

On the other hand, the soups were amazing all around! My bn riu was the best I've had. My wife's hu ti satay was nicely balanced with a great broth and my kids' won ton soup was perfect: mild and tasty broth, generous and delicious shrimp dumplings, and tender shredded cabbage.

These soups are without a doubt some of the best in the city.

2012 Dec 2
Tiny surprised mine is the first entry, but perhaps AVPR is just one of those easy-to-miss places, tucked away where it is in that Metro strip-mall on Greenbank.

deferring to the experts on the genuine-pho analysis, i'll just note a pleasant surprise in my veg-noodle soup order - clean, not overly salty, and also to my tongue quite flavorful. An afterthought in most Viet/Pho places (understandably so), but in my own highly biased rankings of those doing veg-broths, i'd put AVPR's near the top, better than Maxims / @36 on Merrivale, comparable to Pho Thu Do. And, like all decent Viet places, the portions were pretty generous and rounded out w/ the usual side-suspects (basil, sprouts, lime, sawtooth cilantro).

Congenial service, i'm guessing family-run, they asked a couple times how things were, but in a casual, unobtrusive manner. Small and clean interior, with one flatscreen (tuned to a football game at a mercifully lo-vol), AVPR struck me a decent, low-key neighborhood place - and, at least on that cold day, seemed to doing a brisk biz with locals and a couple extended Vietnamese families. With few inexpensive-Vietnamese options in that Greenbank / Centrepointe / Hunt Club corridor, i'd certainly hit AVPR again next time running errands in the area.

Phở 6


2016 Oct 27
Another delicious lunch of phở b (with rare beef, flank, beef balls)! Price has gone up to $10.99 for a medium.. which is still a bargain for a big bowl of delicious food served with generous herbs to garnish and a pot of complimentary tea. 🍜😍

2014 Feb 28
FF, me and the other half were there last night! Our absolute go-to for phở, bar none.

The BF recommends the crab soup off their special menu. It's only a medium but it looks delicious.

He normally gets the P24 (Well done beef, beef flank, beef tendon and beef balls) while I get the vegetarian. Deeeelicious.

2014 Feb 27
This was one of the richest phở broths I've encountered, although with less of a star anise flavour than normal. Good to the last drop! Excellent meatballs too.

Bn Riu 3


2013 Sep 8
The Bn riu thập cẩm was the tastiest bn riu I've ever had. Three different types of seafood patties (the shrimp ones were especially amazing) in a mildly hot and sour crab and tomato broth with vermicelli. Great flavour profile!


2013 Nov 16
Enjoyed this H.08 Hủ Tiếu X Xu Tm (BBQ pork and shrimp rice noodle soup) at the Kanata location with a Vietnamese friend who declared her bn riu (also in the photo) to be "Okay." ;-)

The broths here are reliably good. The flavours are similar between the two restaurant locations, both of which are run by the same family.

The majority of Ottawa's best Vietnamese food is now available in the suburbs. Interesting development! Now if only we could get the same happening with Korean...