Sausages at Bank Street Sausage and Deli
Foods from Bank Street Sausage and Deli

2016 Aug 24
He has closed his doors with no forwarding address. Very sad since he made some of the best sausages in town. He will be missed.


2012 Apr 21
Following a poster's recommendation, I stopped in to check this place out. I had passed it many times but their street side advertising put me off enough that I didn't stop. I will look back on that time of my life as truly wasted. When I did stop in I was so impressed that I spent way too much dough on all sorts of sausages. The ones I've tried so far have been excellent. In no particular order: kielbasa, garlic sausage, Cuban habanero, and awesome English bangers. I only have one small complaint; they do not mark on the packages what they contain. When you go overboard like I did and buy a lot of different types, it would be helpful to have them clearly labelled especially if you are going to freeze them. Tomorrow? The bacon.

2011 Jun 14
They have some very good Italian sausages. She said they were medium and that was right on the money. These had great texture with the medium grind they use. When I asked if they were hot she replied medium but if you like hot try the habanero. That will definitely be the next purchase.

2007 Jan 9
"Hunt Club" is the name I gave to the entire region of Ottawa that's East of the Rideau River and south of "City South". I arbitrarily chose Walkley as the divider between "Hunt Club" and "City South".

I'm open to suggestions for better names -- I agree the "Hunt Club" one isn't very good! :-)

2007 Jan 9
The best Italian sausages in town. No fillers or muck (good news for sufferers of celiac disease looking for gluten-free sausages). They also have several different types of home-smoked bacon they will slice to your specifications (it's not at Hunt Club though - just south of Walkley).