Opened May,2014 in Greenbank Square, at 250 Greenbank Road. Former owner and Chef of PJ Quigley's has opened a small, intimate restaurant specializing in gourmet pizzas and pasta.

Fried Olives at The Parlour
Pizza at The Parlour
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2014 May 27
The Parlour PIzza has just opened its doors in Greenbank Square, and brings a surprising and very welcome touch of imaginative cuisine and excellent service to a strip whose previous high point was its Tim Hortons.

The restaurant is small and intimate, fine for couples or small groups.

We began with the Parlour Salad (baby greens, golden beets, Ontario goat cheese and a light Dijon vinaigrette) - ingredients were fresh, tasty, the portion generous, and the vinaigrette perfect. Chicken wings (sorry, we HAD to) were moist, crisp, flavourful, and blessedly devoid of batter.

The menu offers a choice of fifteen gourmet pizzas (as well as a few pasta entrees). We chose the Wake and Bake - thin crust, with spinach, bacon, pecorino, mozzarella and romano cheeses, grape tomatoes, topped with a sunny-side up free range egg and accompanied by a choice of spiced oils. It worked wonderfully: I can't wait to work our way through the rest of the pizza menu.

Service was quick, attentive, and very friendly.

The restaurant also featured a surprisingly good list of wines and beer for such a small venue.
All in all, a very pleasant dining experience, and great addition to the neighbourhood.

2014 Sep 13
Cool little spot on Greenbank. Tried their pizza last night and enjoyed their toppings. Had The Dirty with house made meatballs, San Marzano sauce, pepperoni and banana peppers. Meatball pieces were ever so delicate with the zinger coming from the pickled peppers. Great combination. For the crust enthusiasts it was a tad on the cake like side.

2014 Sep 13
Loved these little jewels. Filled with a smoked gouda if I remember correctly. Perfect dipped in their tomato parmesan sauce. I think it was parmesan.