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2014 May 26
Tried Prime Burger Bar for the first time early May 2014, Frinite. Oh Prime... i wanted to love you, i really really did, but i'm afraid there are other candidates for my burger-lust... and maybe i'm being unfair... i've enjoyed some killer burgers at World, Dick's and SHL&G in the last few months... so maybe that's my problem right there coming off a run of excellent burgertime, but World doesn't serve beer and Dick's is a diner and SHL&G is a pub and i wanted Prime to be the awesome bar i went to to get an awesome burger and instead it's a great looking bar with great staff and oh they serve burgers but maybe i'll try something else if i find myself there again and don't feel like Lone Star.

The look is good... there's a restau side and a bar side, both clean, airy, some stone, some brick, big ass TVs on the bar side, 2s and 4s on the restaurant side with enough space between them.

Hostess and both waitresses who served us were a pleasure to deal with.

The bar has a nice selection of craft beer.

So it's down to the food... we came for burgers, we ordered burgers - the Chipotle and the Bull - from the creative menu with a lot of potential... and they were... just okay. The seasoning in the beef was nothing special, the beef itself was nothing special. I wanted to be blown away and instead i was just... ok. Nice brioche buns but that couldn't get us over the innate lack of flavor or taste or ... i dunno, 'meatiness'. The toppings were ok... at root the burger itself just wasn't hitting the right zone for me or my fellow diners.

As for the sides, the onion rings were regretfully fragile, falling apart between plate and head.

The truffle fries were decent fries with a lot of seasoning.

We finished everything, and if i was in the neighborhood i might try it again but then, i might try something other than a burger.

2014 Apr 11
I went here for lunch last Friday, and enjoyed it so much that my wife and I went back on Monday so that she could try it.

I've Thoroughly enjoyed the three burgers I've tasted: Chipotle, Prime Portabello, Prime Parisian. One thing I particularly like about this place is the size of their burger. It's got a good thickness to it, one that has me reaching for the knife and fork so that I can eat my burger like a gentleman.

They've got a small, tight selection of beer on-tap, too, including three from Flying Monkeys and I think one from Beau's.

Great fries, too. The sweet potato fries are a nice width and thickness (like two shoestrings side-by-side). And the truffle fries, which are dusted in parmesan and truffle oil, are killer killer killer, particularly if you get some aioli on the side.

That said, I'm in this odd spot. I'm not overly picky when it comes to my burgers, so for the price (~$55 before tip for two burgers, a beer and a milkshake) it's hard for me to justify heading here when I can also consider going to The Works (closer, more variety, but not as nice) or Hintonburger (equidistant, less variety, but far less expensive). I think I'd choose Hintonburger takeout over Prime, but I'd choose Prime over The Works. SUCH CONFLICT.

2014 Feb 16
Stopped by the other day and ordered the old standby; the Inferno Burger. Great patty, great bun and spicy as you would think. It was a bit over sauced with Frank's (I think) but the fries were awesome. Ate too many in the end. Service was very good too. The chipotle mayo they served with the chicken tenders was delicious. I might get the chipotle burger next time...

2014 Feb 6
Went today for lunch. Hubby had the inferno burger which came with a side of fries. Both were excellent and the fries were done "extra crispy" at his request. Usually servers in other places say okay to that request and then don't deliver but that was not the case here. I had the beef sliders, of which there were three and they do not come with a side. I had noted that they have three different sliders - beef, breaded chicken and lamb. When I asked if I could have one of each rather than three of the same our server's response was a rather curt "No" and then she promptly left the table. The sliders, however, were very good. The server I found to be not particularly welcoming but the hostess was fantastic. I suggested to her that they have a sample slider plate on the menu and she said others had asked about it and she would pass the suggestion on. It seems to me that if you can only get three of the same slider you may as well order the regular burger.

2014 Feb 5
Excellent Chipotle burger. Huge, juicy, delicious. Great cheese, tasty bacon and avocado and chipotle mayo. The bun was a very good, soft, warm pretzel-looking bun but not dense, nice and fluffy with an eggwash top and bottom.

The fries were fantastic, hand-cut, fresh, freshly cooked, generous portion. Fantastic service by a friendly bartender on a quiet Wednesday night.

Going back next week probably and regularly thereafter whenever I'm in the area.

2014 Jan 13
I may have been their only breakfast customer, ever. They stopped serving breakfast the weekend after they opened.

2013 Oct 17
I stopped by for lunch last week and both my dining companion and I loved the burgers. The Hangover burger was highly rated and I very much enjoyed my a Inferno burger with Monterey, jalapeņo, banana peppers and spicy mayo. Rizak's flip tip on the Inferno is very important as it is messy. The great bun holds it's own. We tried the hot wings and the onion rings and both definitely need work. I will definitely go back for a burger.

2013 Oct 12
Went again for breakfast this morning.

I'm pretty sure I was their first weekend visitor because the door was still locked when I got there, 30 minutes after they opened.

The coffee was good, but damn weak. The apple juice was nice and unfiltered, not the kind you get for $1.99 for 8 liters.

I ordered the meat frittata and it was tasty. Sausage, tomatoes, potatoes, onions cooked with eggs and covered with cheese. There was plenty of egg, plenty of everything else and a good portion of cheese on top, the cheese just wasn't very tasty.

Toast was very lightly toasted and buttered, but very fresh and hot.

Overall, I'd go back for the breakfast and maybe try something else. Not that I didn't like the frittata ... there were a lot of other things I think I might like as well. Plus, it's a 5 minute walk for me.

2013 Oct 11
Hey, Ken. It looks like you got the same corner table we did when a bunch of us went for lunch yesterday.

I had the Flying Monkeys Almost Pale Ale, which was really tasty. I had the special $1 wings (that's the price for each wing) and it was kind of weird. The wings were breaded and deep fried, and came with heaps of caramelized onions on top. It wasn't bad, just a bit odd. No sauce. They were damn hot, though. Fully cooked.

My burger was the blue cheese which was really tasty. I had mine on the multigrain bun and it was substantial enough to stand up to the weight of the patty. Very juicy. Not much char, as mentioned otherwhere.

Buddy owed me a meal, so I didn't get to pay. The prices are between $12 and $17 for their standard burgers, but you can add all kinds of stuff onto it for an additional charge: avocado, onion rings, french fries, poutine, double smoked bacon, fried egg, many different cheeses. Wait, what? Poutine ON the burger? Yep. Mac n' cheese too, if you want.

I had to ask the waitron to close the front door because they were letting all the wasps in.

PRO TIP: Turn the burger over and hold it with the bun top on the bottom. It is very thick on the top and this makes it much more manageable.

2013 Oct 11
Inside Prime Burger.