Presently 12 signature flavours, plus seasonal specials.

Information about her processes are available on the website.

Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream
Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream
Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream
Foods from Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream

2012 Feb 13
Another off the bucket list. I picked up a Milk Chocolate Beau's. This is the best ice cream I've ever had. I'm cheap, and would not normally pay 12.50 for a pint of ice cream. However now that I've had it I think I'm hooked. Damn you Grace in the Kitchen for dealing this stuff.

2011 Nov 27
New Post: Pascale's Haute Chocolat! Forget what you think you know about hot chocolate. You've never had it like this.

2011 Jul 10
Pascale is making popsicles now too. Today at lansdowne I enjoyed the tart creaminess of a blood orange and buttermilk popsicle. Rich, tangy and very refreshing. $4. Also picked up her last container of rhubarb and sour cherry ice cream.

2011 Jun 1
I've tried a bunch of flavors now, and have yet to be disappointed. Real ice cream like my mom used to make is what you get from Pascale, with the added bonus of crazy good weird-sounding tasty flavors!

2011 May 28
Stopped in at Red Apron for dinner take out and ice cream. Saw a flavor that struck me as different no surprise there. Milk Chocolate Beau's. The texture is a bit frothy and the ice cream stays manageable no bent spoons here. I liked it but then again I love Beau's.

2011 Mar 12
Was at Piggy's today and picked up some Pascales dark chocolate bacon ice cream. Not for me. I should have went with my gut. Not a big fan of sweets with meats.On the other hand heat and sweets may be the next choice chili dark chocolate sounds interesting.

2010 Oct 30
After trying the dark chocolate salted last weekend. My wife spotted Tiger tail in the freezer at Thyme and Again and had to have it for a Halloween treat.

2010 Sep 24
I just picked up a tub of salted caramel ice cream from the Piggy Market, fresh from the ice cream maker herself. I can now die happy... this stuff is so good it shouldn't even be legal!

2010 Sep 20
Met Pascale today where she was churning away at the back of the Piggy's Market just off Richmond Road in Westboro. I was lucky enough to sample one of her newest flavours, blackberry creme fraiche, which was sensual, creamy and made me want to run through a field of sunflowers immediately afterwards.

Definitely all-natural and unlike any other kind of ice cream you'll ever taste, it's certainly would shelling out the $10 per tub she charges. I gathered that her more unique flavours can be bought from her stand at the Lansdowne Market on Sundays, where she'll have a stand till the end of October; while Life of Pi, recently opened in Old Ottawa South, carries plainer flavours that go with the pies they sell. You can also call her to order directly from her.

Wonderful stuff!!!

2010 Aug 11
If you check out Pascale's at the Ottawa Farmer's market you can sample her wares there. I can personally vouch for Beau's Ballpark...(Chunks of chocolate covered pretzels, salted peanuts, and Beau's beer), Dark chocolate ginger, and Sour cherry balsamic....yum.



2012 Jul 21
Am still working my way through all the flavours, but I have to say the two stand-outs for me are Peanut Butter Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. I heard a rumour about some Chocolate Bacon ice cream and can't wait to try it.

Note, the people selling this ice cream are extremely nice and you may walk out with more than one flavour...this has happened to me on several occasions;-)

2011 Jul 24
Finally got around to trying Pascale's wares today at the Ottawa Farmer's Market. My expectations were high but I was not at all disappointed!

I jumped right in with the Peanut Butter Salted Caramel and found it to be perfectly balanced. A lack of cloying sweetness seems to be one of the characteristics that sets Pascale's wares apart from the competition. Even with the separate peanut butter and caramel flavours, the excellent ice cream base was able to shine through.

While there, talking to the delightful Pascale herself, I also sampled the Banana Brown Butter (amazing!) and the Vegan Coconut (incredible considering it is vegan, but with a little of the magic lost). I can easily see getting a pint of the Banana one next time. One of the dangers here -- there is always a next time!!