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Ice Cream at Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe
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Ice Cream at La Cigale
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Ice Cream at La Cigale
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Ice Cream at Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe
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2011 Jul 24
In order here are the ingredients:
mint fudge swirls(long list of stuff under this one beginning with sugar and nonfat dry milk}
liquid sugar
dark chocolate flavor base (includes sugar, cocoa, water,skim milk, buttermilk, corn syrup,milkfat, whey, chocolate liquor)

cellulose gum
guar gum

2011 Jul 23
@ blubarry. Is there an ingridient list?

2011 Jul 23
This is my new favorite grocery store ice cream. Not sure if we can get it in Canada. Rich dark chocolate ice cream with a ribbon of white peppermint fudge running throughout. Sweeter than I normally like, but a really great combination. Perry's also makes an amazing lemon pound cake ice cream, but I've only seen that one at ice cream parlours, never in bulk.


2016 Aug 17
The Salty Sesame Butter Toffee flavour blew my mind. Totally addictive and easily one of the best ice creams I've ever had the pleasure to eat.

Single scoop (can be multiple flavours) in a cup was $4.25.

2016 Aug 17
During the summer they have 18 ice cream flavours and 12 gelato flavours -- a subset of the huge list on their website. Most flavours are quite interesting! Samples are offered happily.

2008 Jul 5
Stopped by here on a recent hot day for a cold treat. Homemade Ice Cream here is delicious and comes in a variety of flavours (not your standard fare). Can't decide? Tasting samples are given out on small spoons. You can have your pick scooped into a regular cone, waffle cone or cup.

Latest flavour tried:

HOKEY POKEY - Vanilla based ice cream with sponge toffee. Yummy!


2016 Sep 4
It was the last Sunday bike day on the River Parkway so we celebrated by biking to Beachconers to try out their ice cream. I had the peach mint ice cream and it was great; it had a real/natural mint taste rather than the mint that you typically get in something like chocolate mint from the grocery store.

They are opening a coffee place on the other half of the ice cream parlour and it's currently under construction. It's a logical way to offset the seasonal nature of ice cream, and hopefully their coffee will be as good as their ice cream. They already offer cold brew coffee in stubbies along with other assorted drinks, and their ice cream is available in tubs.


2014 Sep 27
Every time I come here, I have a new favourite. Pictured is a scoop of the honey almond on top of the gingersnaps and chai in a sugar cone. This is the regular size (2 scoops). The kiddie size is 1 scoop.

I was really looking forward to trying the honey almond but thought it was just ok. It was too sweet but then it is honey! I was really satisfied with the gingersnaps and chai. I could taste the fresh gingersnap crumbs. They used fresh gingersnaps made in-house. Same with their other pastry based ice creams. I will have some come back and those too! I think they also sell the pastries on the week-end at $2.50 a piece.

2014 Sep 7
This salted caramel mocha flavour is only available on an ad hoc basis. I believed it is new this season and there has only been a couple of batches of it. It is among my favourite flavour combos, if not my favourite, even though I am partial to nuts in ice cream so maple walnut is a close second. The reason this is possibly my favourite La Cigale ice cream flavour is because the combination of sweet and salt with small pockets of mocha makes every bite complex. It is also just the right amount of creaminess.

2012 May 23
Really loved the Blood Orange sorbet but found the Coconut Cashew ice cream to be just okay. The former was wonderfully flavourful and refreshing while the latter was not coconutty enough and the cashews were (of course) a little soggy.

2011 Aug 1
I've been wanting to try this ice cream for a long time. Let me just say that it's worth the drive and I'm definitely taking my kids here ASAP!

Technically, I don't think the product is quite as perfect as that from Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream (which I sampled to refresh my memory after getting home). There were some uneven ice crystals and the ingredients didn't seem quite as flavourful. However, it is a little sweeter, which might appeal to a wider audience.

Also, I only tried three flavours: Apple Pie (taster), Gingersnap-Chai (quite wonderful, with chunks of real gingersnap cookies), and Dulce de Leche (so mild it could have been vanilla). The latter two are in the cup pictured here. They were sold out of the one I wanted: the Lemon Cassis Cheesecake. Next time!

Regarding sizes. I ordered a Small ($4.30 inc. tax) and it really wasn't very big compared to the gelato places in town. It's two scoops, but they are not big scoops. Mind you, this is ice cream, meaning less is more!

The big draw for La Cigale is the beautiful garden and the perfect experience of a roadside dairy bar. Save yourself a trip to the New England coast -- go to Old Chelsea instead! :-)

Note: the door is unmarked, but it's the sort of obvious one at the end of the path in from the parking lot. Also, ignore the arrow on the big La Cigale sign, lest it confuse you like it did me. :]

2010 Aug 26
Why should they have to list that? When I go to a restaurant and I order a salad, I want to know how big it is. So, I ask.

The only ice cream shop that I know of that lists the number of scoops in their sizes is Laura Secord.

My other favourite ice cream shop in Ottawa has the same number of scoops in its sizing as La Cigale (1 - kid; 2 -small; 3 - large) and they don't like the number of scoops with their prices.

The prices and size options are clearly posted. If you need to know if a kiddy cone is too big or too small for what you want, you can ask.

2010 Aug 25
There is no question that the icecream is delicious, the new location is improved and the ambience in the yard lovely.

I would like to see the sizes and prices of the products more clearly posted.

A small ice cream should not have 2 generous scoops; it should have 1 scoop. I ordered a "kiddy cone". It was big. Big enough for an adult. Perhaps too big for a "kiddy".

A kiddy cone should be PETIT. A small cone should be 1 scoop. In fact La Cigale could price their icecream according to the number of scoops.


2009 Dec 23
For lunch, yesterday's Ice cream selection was:

Cranberry sorbet, raspberry chocolate, and get ready for it, Banana caramel!

The cranberry sorbet would have been the perfect palate cleanser... a bit sour and very refreshing.

The raspberry chocolate was rich. I have never really enjoyed the chocolate/raspberry mix. But I ate all the ice cream in my bowl.

The chunky monkey carmel was the perfect mix for desert. Once again nice and rich, I could of had a full bowl of this ice cream only and would have been happy.

I love that they serve the ice cream in cold bowls. Pretty sure they put them in the freezer so that the ice cream won't melt while you eat! Very nice attention to detail.

2009 Dec 18
Here is the photo showing "3 small scoops of exquisitely delicious gourmet ice cream" that zymurgist describes. I had raspberry, Tiramisu, and vanilla. They are creamy and yummy!

2009 Sep 25
They do the ice cream in house but I no longer make it for them since February

2009 Aug 17
We've had the ice cream from Wellington twice now...the first time was in late May; we had caramel, something forgettable and banana (the banana was lucious!). We went again last week and had strawberry-rhubarb sorbet that was a bit currrent ice cream and peanut butter ice cream; we also ordered a chocolate-caramel pot de creme; probably the best dessert course I have ever had. YUM!

2009 Jun 4
She was making it. I'm not sure if she still is. I can ask on Sunday =)

2009 Jun 4
I've heard that their ice cream is homemade, and I've also heard that Pascale's (now with the Piggy Market) was making it. Can someone verify this for me?

2009 Jun 4
their homemade ice cream is amazing! well worth the price.

2008 Feb 29
I hear they make the ice cream in house. Every time we've been there, we've lucked out since they made peanut butter ice cream on those occasions! Delicious!

2007 Oct 20
For 7 bucks you get 3 small scoops of exquisitely delicious gourmet ice cream. Extremely yummy!

2016 Sep 7
We came here on the first day of school with good friends and their kids. The place was packed!

Pictured is a single scoop ($3.50, if I recall) of the chocolate peanut butter and cherry cheesecake. Ice cream is sourced from Renfrew and is pretty good. The cherry cheesecake was nice and tart and creamy. The chocolate peanut butter could have done with more peanut butter than the mini Reese's cups. However, it's a welcome addition to a neighbourhood lacking in my favourite food group.


2012 Jul 21
Am still working my way through all the flavours, but I have to say the two stand-outs for me are Peanut Butter Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. I heard a rumour about some Chocolate Bacon ice cream and can't wait to try it.

Note, the people selling this ice cream are extremely nice and you may walk out with more than one flavour...this has happened to me on several occasions;-)

2011 Jul 24
Finally got around to trying Pascale's wares today at the Ottawa Farmer's Market. My expectations were high but I was not at all disappointed!

I jumped right in with the Peanut Butter Salted Caramel and found it to be perfectly balanced. A lack of cloying sweetness seems to be one of the characteristics that sets Pascale's wares apart from the competition. Even with the separate peanut butter and caramel flavours, the excellent ice cream base was able to shine through.

While there, talking to the delightful Pascale herself, I also sampled the Banana Brown Butter (amazing!) and the Vegan Coconut (incredible considering it is vegan, but with a little of the magic lost). I can easily see getting a pint of the Banana one next time. One of the dangers here -- there is always a next time!!



2009 Jun 5
They now serve homemade ice cream in 1L containers to go, looks like they're stepping up to the Gastropub!


2012 Nov 20
A while ago for a celebration we ordered the Matterhorn dish. It's a serious pile of ice cream. We had 4 people and were able to finish it pretty easily. Easy way to try all of the flavors at Dick's. I wouldn't get this dish unless you have a friend or two to help because you might not be able to finish it without a stomach ache.

Dick's is one of the few places you can get tiger tail ice cream these days. The only other vendors I know of are the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and President's Choice recently brought out the flavor for their ice cream shop line.

2011 Jun 6
This place is great for ice cream. $3.09 + tax for a 1 super big scoop of delicious ice cream. I usually get the maple walnut flavour. It's a real wonder why people line up 15 deep at Dairy Queen down the road for ice milk when they could get real ice cream at Dick's instead.

2009 Apr 19
I did try the ice cream here. It reminded me of a grocery store ice cream(Chapmans)it had that chaulky consistency. My wife found the same thing but this was one of the only places she could find Tiger Tail ice cream. We would not go back for just ice cream.


2009 Nov 12
Tried the Milk Chocolate Beau's.. yummmm :)

2009 Jun 23
I'm putting this in the Piggy Market, but maybe with all of the buzz, Pascale's Ice Cream should have it's own Vendor.

Last night we tried the Thai Mango. My wife loved it. I am on the fence. It was definitely creamy, Pascale's signature, and the mango flavour was good, just punchy enough. But I found the "spicy" after-effect to be just a burn, with no flavour. It reminded me of a pesky scratchy throat.

2009 Jun 16
Tried the PB salted caramel on the weekend, it is in fact the breakfast of champions. Can't wait to try new flavours

2009 May 24
Tried some Milk Chocolate Beau's today at the farmers' market. Was good... but different. I can't say I knew what to expect. The chocolate and beer are complementary, yet not. Together, they taste somewhat like butterscotch or some kind of liquor buttercream. The chocolate is nice, and the beer adds a punch. I was surprised that this is made with the seasonal beer rather than lug tread. I'm not sure if I would get this again. I would be curious to try one of the more "regular" flavours. At the market today, they had some flavours I'd never heard of them having before. I think they must vary by batch.

Overall, I was expecting this to not be so good, more of a novelty kind of thing, but it really does work. Although, if I go again I'll try something more normal.

2009 May 17
Peanut butter salted caramel. very good.