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2017 Jul 18
The Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice (~$7.50) was impressive, both for its presentation on a bamboo tray with a mini pour-over jug of mango cream and for its rich mango flavour and overall decadence. Mango ice, shaved, chopped mango in mango sauce, lychee in syrup (hidden on the backside of the bowl in this pic), and vanilla ice cream topped with mango drizzle. Wow!

2017 Jun 17
I've wanted to try this Toronto based chain ever since it popped up in the former Hooch location near my workplace. Came for lunch with a couple of coworkers and we had a good time. Here's what I had:

Z29. Taiwanese style popcorn chicken with rice ($8.49)
This was a generous platter and it was okay, but somewhat bland compared to Taiwanese popcorn chicken I've had elsewhere.

E5. Mango with sago in coconut milk ($4.99)
Delicious! Generous chunks of mango, addictive sago, and perfectly lightly sweetened coconut milk.

I tasted a friend's Z24. Japanese style popcorn chicken ($7.99) and it was excellent. I'd definitely get this over the Taiwanese one here in the future. Huge portion too.

All in all, this is first and foremost a dessert restaurant. I'd venture to say it's the best Asian dessert restaurant I've been to in Ottawa so far.

Pro tip: If you like to have dessert after your meal, consider ordering the items separately. Desserts are prepared at the front counter and seem often to arrive before the hot food items.

2017 Jun 5
When I was there with my two friends, basically we did not get helped in a timely manner upon arriving - the restaurant was half full at the time. It took about 30 minutes to even get glasses of water after asking. The water arrived after our orders which took a normal amount of time in my opinion.

The servers were not attentive at all and not helpful. Upon asking for the bill, it took another fifteen minutes to get to us and then we asked to pay. After about another fifteen minutes, the server came to us and told us we could only pay at the front. There was no one at the front manning the computer so we waited a few minutes until asking for someone again.

As someone who's worked in the industry and is very patient and understanding, I think this is just something that can be fixed with some proper training. I mean, it would be totally understandable if it was super busy etc. however, it was not and it was also not during peak hours.

2017 Jun 3
What was so horrendous about it?

2017 Jun 2
So this restaurant is a chain that originates from Toronto and having lived there for many years and frequenting Asian dessert places, I was looking forward to having a popular chain come to Ottawa.

I'm going to keep this one short and say that while the food is very standard for this type of restaurant - desserts and Taiwanese-influenced savoury dishes, the service here was horrendous.

Now I don't want to sound prejudice (I am of Chinese descent myself) but a lot of the new Asian restaurants - especially the ones with younger staff - have pretty terrible service. I do believe that this all stems from proper training and it is up to the management to train their staff well.

That being said, I hope that this place will improve on their service as the food and atmosphere is a fresh change for Ottawa; especially with the restaurant being in the Byward Market rather than in Chinatown.

Let's hope for the best and I look forward to seeing everyone else's opinions.

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