Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken at Wang's Noodle House
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken at Ching's Kitchen
Where to get Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken


2016 Aug 20
Please do not skip this dish if you visit! It was so delicious that I'm already craving it again three hours later.

This is absolutely the best TPC I've ever had. Crunchy coating, succulent interior, and perfectly salty seasoning. I had to fight my kids for it. :D

2017 Feb 11
Best TPC in the ByWard Market! Also the only TPC in the ByWard Market. Very crunchy and very salty, it was enjoyable enough with a small bowl of rather unremarkable veggie noodle soup.

It cures the urge for TPC but I found the version at Ching's Kitchen to have superior seasoning: more 5-spice flavour and a smidge less salt...

I like the whole idea of this place and since it is super close to my workplace I'll be sure to dig around the menu a little more!