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Addr: 710 Somerset St W | Tel: 613 680 8100

Ottawa first Chinese/Taiwanese dessert/snack/drink shop.

Classic Chinese dessert menu lists items such as durian pancakes, mango sago, black sesame soup, papaya coconut milk jelly and sweet dumplings with red bean paste.

Snack menu features Taiwanese popcorn chicken, braised beef bao and kimchi french fries.

Plans to stay open quite late in to the night!

Honey Town
Honey Town
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2015 Aug 20
This is the C1. Mango and Black Glutinous Rice Ball with Vanilla Ice Cream Paste ($6.99).

Refreshing and delicious! Like very cold melted vanilla ice cream with chunks of mango. Yum yum!

2015 Jun 28
We visited with friends after dinner. Water was provided immediately in large and colourful plastic goblets. Fun place with a good vibe and friendly staff.

Pictured here is my C26. Mesona Jelly with Sea Coconut ($6.99). Mesona jelly is that wonderful herbal stuff often called grass jelly. The coconut milk provides the major flavour of this dish, with addictive texture coming from the toothsome thick-grated sea coconut and the squishy little jelly cubes. If you love coconut milk as much as I do, then this salty-sweet dessert is perfect!

I managed to sample my son's S20. Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken ($6.59). Amazing! Super salty, strong five-spice flavour, and crunchy as anything. This screams out for a beer that is taller, colder, and lighter in colour than what I usually drink. ;-) That said, I can't wait to go back and have an order of this for myself, even without beer.

Very cool to see a place like this open up in Ottawa!