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2009 Dec 22
hey Qster - saw your post re: hakka in Ottawa. as far as i know there is no true hakka cuisine available around here :(

if you're ever in the GTA read up on Chowhound and look for recommendations. one of my favourites is Federick's in Scarborough. try the Chili Chicken and Pakoras!

2009 Nov 20
It looks like we're culinary soul mates ; )

2009 Jul 31
Hi! Thanks for your note. I usually stay quiet, sit back and watch "the show". However in this intense I felt compelled to response. Some of my favourite resto's have been terrorized to the point where they had to make a choice btwn serving foie gras or the safety or their families.. I feel it's deplorable that as an informed adult I am not allowed to make my own choices.. I LOVE FOIE GRAS and I am not ashamed of it. I only purchase it from a reputable farm and the birds I have seen were in no way unhappy or unhealthy... I am far more concerned with the situation modern pig/chicken farms.

I think when we talk about the ethics of foie gras production we are actually talking about the ethics of eating any farm-raised animal or having animals raised for slaughter for any reason....

Whewwww! That felt good! Thanks :-)