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2016 Nov 19
Like a time warp to 2006. Was a semi-regular here for a few years when I lived closer by, but it'd been maybe 5 years since my last visit.

Walked in, and the place is completely unchanged from before, for better or for worse. Same chairs, tables, cushions, pillows, burnt-orange walls with art from the same artist, chalkboards, beer menu (St Ambrose still on tap-- could be wrong but pretty sure it was still McAuslan's when I first had it here).

They still do what they do really well.. lounge-y feel, relaxed service, and old menu standbys like potatoes with curried mayo, baked munchie cheese sandwich and salami pizza still hold up.

2013 Aug 26
Been here twice in the last month and I have to say that I am not overly impressed.

Nothing was terribly wrong, it's just that nothing was terribly right and the prices for drinks are honestly outrageously expensive.

I ordered a martini last time. It came in one of those huge martini glasses and there was exactly 1 inch of liquid in the glass.

My husband almost had a coronary that it cost $14 for what amounted to 2-3 sips.

We also ordered the peanuts (chili/lime) and the peanuts were stale/sour. Couldn't finish even a small bowl. For $4 I could have bought 2 huge jars of peanuts at Walmart.

I think we are done with this place.

2007 May 5
If you like martinis, ask for 'the box'. They bring this wooden box full of mult-coloured, hand written cards encompassing a huge selection of drinks (mostly the martini type). The selection has been built up by the restaurant and their patrons. Try the Swedish Berry...and the Astro Pop (hubby's addition)!

This place is great for appies, drinks and meeting friends. It is cozy and relaxed and they play some awesome electro jazz/lounge type music.


2007 Feb 11
Ottawa Xpress review:

And a personal comment on the review: I think the point was missed by both the reviewer and some of the commenters, but hey, it's not the first time I've disagreed with a review in the Xpress. ;)

It's not that Trio wants people to say 'oh hey, they aren't a restaurant so the food can be sub-par'. It's that they don't want people to show up expecting a full menu and expecting to have a long meal. This is a meet friends for drinks kind of place, or a hang out and listen to the DJ kind of place. That's all.

That said, I do agree that the menu probably should say 'pita pizza' or something, so people don't get surprised by the pizza's crust.

2006 Sep 23
Great little bistro in the heart of Westboro. They've recently undergone some changes in direction, changing their menu and decor to better suit a club/bistro rather than a restaurant. For example, the tables and chairs have been raised up (to standing height) and most of the meal foods have been taken off the menu, leaving mostly snack foods like potato wedges and hummus with pita chips. I think this is a better direction for them, given the overall atmosphere.