Ok...so not "technically" in Ottawa, but in the interest of everything that is good and tasty this spot deserves some street cred.

Set back a bit from the road in a small, unassuming little building, Cheesy Luigi's is one of those quaint little spots in Wakefield you could easily just drive by.

With a great selection of pizzas ranging from your good 'ol standby pep and cheese, to mouthwatering creations with thin crusts and gourmet toppings, there's a little something for everyone.

Limited seating available
Debit and credit cards are accepted
Delivery only available to local residents

12-A ch Valley, Wakefield, QC, J0X 3G0
Mon-Fri: 4PM-10PM
Sat-Sun: 12PM-10PM

Salad at Cheesy Luigi's
Wood Oven Thin Crust Pizza at Cheesy Luigi's
Foods from Cheesy Luigi's

2013 Nov 20
We went there for a pick up after work tonight and noticed the menu's physical appearance changed. I asked the cashier if there are new owners and he said indeed. We had ordered the supreme and while it looked slightly different, it tasted just as good.

- Relieved

2011 Jun 18
Signed up with Ottawa Foodies simply to review this. Was there today and had an amazing pizza.
Half Tofu Jerk, half mushroom.
It was the best pizza I have had in the Ottawa area BY FAR.
Also you cannot beat the location with beautiful picnic tables in the shade or not.
Absolutely awesome. I may go once a week forever.

I'll write another review in a few months to tell you if this is consistently good or I just happened to be there on a great day.


2010 Dec 29
The pizza has been drifting downhill since they first opened a few years back...
Also the quality is inconsistent, the locale a little sketchy.

2010 Oct 2
Pass on this joint on your way thru town.
Chelsea locale no better.
Comment still true.
Visit preston b4 you head north!!



2010 Oct 10
Pizza Luigi's has just opened a new location in Chelsea, and it's fantastic! The dough is superb and the topings are SO tasty! Their location is beautiful too and makes a nice stop on your way in or out of the Gatineau Park. I have no idea why some of the other comments are so negative, when this is some of the best pizza I've had in the Ottawa region!!
Oh, and any of their mushroom pizzas are amazing! For anyone who knows mushrooms, these are not your typical Pizza Pizza mushroom toppings - possibly why they're a little more expensive. But well worth it (plus a nice drizzle of truffle oil).

2009 Dec 19
Grumpy delivery guy.
Pizza was ok.
Yes the pepperoni sucked,
Majic mush pizza was great but was very expensive and they take it easy on the mushrooms.

2009 Dec 16
I'd have to agree with shabba.
This comment is not at all inappropriate.
Look around next on your next visit.

Pizza is ok. Peperoni so cheap it might as well be balony. I saw the bag thawing on the counter (is that legit?): Lesters presliced in a 5kg bag.

I don't see how the 1 foot step up the patio is wheelchair accessible.

2009 Nov 11
Great food but one look into at the filthy kitchen (and cook) will have you buying pizza dough and toppings from the grocery store. Typical dirty hippie joint. No thanks.

2009 Jul 26
Verona Truffle.

If you haven't tried it yet, you are doing a grave injustice to your taste buds. King eryngi, blue oyster and a ton of other tasty local mushrooms with crispy pancetta and a drizzle of truffle oil. If there was going to be a pizza joint in heaven, this would be it.

Their Caesar salads are also quite awesome, with loads of big croutons, fresh Parmesan cheese and more of that fabulous pancetta.

Worth the drive and then some!


2013 Jul 20
Here is a picture of the Verona Truffle. Mix of mushrooms, pancetta and truffle oil on thin crust. Very good mix of flavours. The crust was a little harder than the regular crust this time. I think i prefer the regular crust because it's the right moisture and one can savour the herbs they put in it. Make no mistake, we devoured this whole thing in no time.

I am perplexed by the negative comments but many seem to be dated. My husband and I have been ordering from Cheesy Luigi every two-three weeks for the last year since we moved in the neighbourhood and we love all their zas! The other better pizza in the region is Tennessee Willems, in terms of gourmet pizzas. This is not comparing with Colonnade or Louis', the more traditional pizzas.

2012 Nov 14
Simply wow and I am not a big pizza fan usually. Homemade crust and fresh ingredients. I tried the "BBQ Chicken" with BBQ chicken, roasted bacon and onions. Totally recommend.

A friend also recently had their current special which comes with meatballs and he also recommends it.

It's located right in the middle of Old Chelsea, across from the Chelsea Pub. Worth the detour!

2014 Jan 19
"Mushroom salad" consists of grilled and slightly marinated or flavoured red peppers, mushrooms, artichokes and feta cheese on a bed of roquettes. An excellent, light yet tasty side to a pizza.

They also have a Greek and a Caesar salad. I have tried the Greek and it is equally good. It's nice to have other good items on the menu of a pizza joint to meet everyone's cravings in one order.