South Indian Cuisine from the Kerala region.

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Kochin Kitchen
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2016 Apr 20
We stopped by to split a vegetarian Thali and the lamb chettinaadu and some onion pakora. The pakora were very good, light, not too greasy. The veggie Thali was largely good, the sambhar was excellent. However the lamb dish was very good, garnished with fried fresh curry leaf - it was a very savory and satisfying dish. Also, the paratha bread was very good. The layout and atmosphere of the restaurant is a bit awkward, accessibility would be an issue for people with mobility issues. Service was very friendly. Overall, a nice meal.

2015 Jul 21
We stopped by for lunch last week and hit the buffet. It is very good. Kerala cuisine makes for something a little different amongst the Indian buffets out there. I tried the mushroom curry, pepper lamb, salmon curry, and butter chicken. I found the butter chicken good not great. The mushroom and the pepper lamb were delicious. The salmon curry was the stand out. I found the bread (paratha?) a bit sweet but worked wonderfully as a curry delivery device.

2015 Apr 2
Pics of Fish curry, Beef Vindaloo, Lamb and butter Chicken

2015 Apr 2
I am a big fan of south indian cuisine and so glad this joint opened up in the market. Few places that are in Ottawa serves South Indian food usually Northern is the specialty around town.

The dishes that really stood out were the Elayil Pollichathu wrapped in banana leaf. Incredible flavours and fair priced. King fish curry was also very nice with big junks of fish.

I will certainly return to try the lunch buffet.