Authentic Mexican Taqueria, everything homemade. Tacos al Pastor, Red and Green Chorizo, 3 Milk cake, Home Baked buns and pan dulce, Freshly squeezed juices and much more

Tacos at Taqueria Kukulkan
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2017 Jul 27
It's been a few months since I ate here, but since I am logged in: they have the most AMAZING hot chocolate!
The food is tasty too, but dear Gods, if you go to this restaurant try the hot chocolate unless it's so warm outside that you can't fathom it.

2015 Mar 4
Tried Taqueria Kulkulkan for the first time, late Feb 2015.

And damn that was good.

It's a nice location, maybe 40 seats at the end of a strip mall, east on Montreal road. Ample parking, easy access. They kept the kitchen open and the window are huge so it feels spacious. Cute Mexican decor, especially the pictures of Aztec (or Mayan... they told us but embarrassingly i forget) gods on the tables.

We started with queso fundido with poblano peppers. It's a nice portion of melted cheese with the peppers chopped up and mixed in, and fresh tortilla to transport it into your happy face. Great starter.

We went for an assortment of tacos for the meal... tried the fish, sirloin and two variations of the pork (al pastor). All were delicious... the al pastor were exceptional... like give-Camino-a-run-for-my-money exceptional. The fish are nice chunks of battered basa fish, sirloin was tasty, not chewy, with some grilled veg, al pastor was gloriously marinated meat cooked on a spit... came with pico, pickled onions and an assortment of sauces to add as you like.

The fresh chips were so good they make the out of a bag kind taste like ash and sadness in comparison.

Had a nice chat with the chef/owner... he and his wife are from Mexico and they make everything in house. Everything. The tasty sauces (they do an avacado/pepper sauce that amazing), the pico, the chipotle mayo, the tortillas... and the churros.

Oh dear god... the churros. I have had epic churros in Mexico that weren't this good. Huge, crispy outside, like custard doughy inside, served at approximately the temperature of the centre of the earth. The Mexican spiced coffee went very nicely with it too. I would... hell, i will drive across town for just these even if i had dinner somewhere else (but would prefer to just have dinner here and have more tacos).

Four drinks (no alc yet, it's coming), queso, six tacos, two orders of churros, about $65. Totally worth it.

Will be back, will send others, as long as they don't finish the churros before i get there...

2015 Mar 3
This Taqueria just opened and serving some very good Mexican food.

Ordered the Torta Pambazo, Tacos Al Pastor, Pescado and Longaniza (pork and beef) and everything was very tasty, you could really tell the meats were marinated.

I will be back for more!