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Tacos at Burrito Borracho
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Tacos at Sula Wok
Tacos at Sula Wok
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Tacos at Joey's Urban
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Tacos at Sidedoor
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Tacos at Corazón de Maíz
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Tacos at Art Is In Bakery
Where to get Tacos

2012 Jul 26
Best Tacos in Ottawa:

2 choices:

Corazon de Mais in the byward market building. 3 soft tacos $8.50 very filling portion, choice of chicken, beef, pork. Real mexican taco joint.


Sidedoor restaurant - Fish Tacos are the best but they also have chicken, lamb, shrimp, etc. 2 tacos for $9 or catch them during happy hour when they ar $7 for the pair.


2019 Oct 31
The beef tacos are really good.

2014 Feb 28
I agree Camino does tacos better overall, and just marginally larger, but for the price at Happy Hour i have to say Side Door for tacos and
beverages is my go to. They always have 4 or 5 kinds going, running from at least good to outright great. Drink prices at either place are comparable.

Also, as much as i love Camino, you have a way better chance of getting a seat at Sidedoor, and they take reservations. If i can afford to risk an hour wait or arrive at 515 to secure a table, off to Camino i go, but otherwise Sidedoor gets my dollars.

But on topic, both are doing great tacos.

2014 Feb 26
If you're here for a meal then by all means get a pair of tacos as an appetizer. They're really quite good. But if you want excellent tacos, you should go to El Camino where the tacos are tastier, more generously garnished, individually orderable, and fifty cents cheaper. You're welcome. :-)


2017 Jun 25
I agree that the tacos is bland and the texture rather boring. It is on the soggy side. Not my favourite item on the menu. I would go with anything but the tacos.

The baked mac n cheese for adult is really good though, with a crispy topping. The mac n cheese for kids is the same pasta but not au gratin, for your information.

2017 Aug 22
This is what happens when a pizza place tries to do tacos.

Qualifier: tho if they tried to do 'pizza tacos' i might give them a pass.

2017 Aug 22
Over all I was pretty unimpressed with the Tacos. I ordered both the pork and fish. It was 2 tacos for $14 with no sides included. Way over priced for what you get.

Pork was just ok flavour wise. A touch of heat (spice) to them which was preferred. Fish was much better but was only one small piece of battered fish. It was listed as "crispy fish" which it was not. Veggies loaded on both were fresh and sauces they put on both tacos was good.

Both taco orders came out luke warm at best. We were a large group but timing was way off and affected the meal.

would not return.

2015 Aug 20
I have to note that Sula's tofu tacos are far far far better than anything that pairs the somewhat tepid word 'tofu' with the glorious word 'taco' has any right to be. SO tasty.

2015 Aug 15
Delicious Spicy Chicken Asian Taco ($4), loaded with julienned Asian vegetables, seaweed and kimchi. I topped mine with the offered chili sauce, sesame seeds, and peanuts. This satisfying, flavourful, and affordable bite was everything food truck food should be!

2015 Aug 12
Curry pork taco and cold chicken taco. The curry taco was Indian style and really heavy on the curry powder with a mild heat. Cold chicken was similar to a papaya salad in flavour and crunch but with chicken. Very refreshing. Each taco was topped with kimchi, Asian slaw, peanuts, sesame seeds, seaweed salad, sauce and a hot sauce. Lots going on. 2 tacos for $8 ready in 3 minutes of this quality is more than reasonable.

2015 Jul 25
I really like the loads of thinly sliced cabbage that top the fried fish and chicken tacos here. The fish was cooked perfectly and the other toppings all lent to a classic and delicious taco. While not as cheap ($5 each) or inventive as some other offerings in Ottawa, I would gladly suck down both variations again and will. My only minor quam, which was quickly absolved by a few $4.50 sleeves of mad tom, is that the fish tacos are served with a slice of lemon rather than lime - this isn't fish and chips Local!

2015 Jul 9
They have a few lunch specials for $11, one of which is any two tacos with fries and a refillable fountain drink. I opted for the Joey's Fish Taco and the Vietnamese Taco.

Both were overwhelmed by cabbage, but other than that they were pretty good. The fries were plentiful and tasty. Not a bad choice if you want a quick lunch.

The staff here are friendly in that "I'm cheerful because I like my job" way. Kind of like at Starbucks.

Thursday is AYCE tacos day.

2015 Mar 3
This Taqueria just opened and serving some very good Mexican food.

Ordered the Torta Pambazo, Tacos Al Pastor, Pescado and Longaniza (pork and beef) and everything was very tasty, you could really tell the meats were marinated.

I will be back for more!



2007 May 22
I went to Ahora last night for the second time. I had the tres tacos (I was hungry!) - all vegetarian.
They were filled with black beans and veggies to which I added salsa from the condiment bar. With chips as one of my side orders, I got to try all of the salsas that were being offered. Yum! I also had the salad. I'm not sure what is in their vinegrette, but I thought it was great.

The woman who took my order was very helpful about which dishes contained dairy products.

We even got a bit of a dance show as they were closing up. :)


2014 Feb 11
Crispy fish, pork and ox tongue tacos. I strongly preferred the ox tongue. It was special. The texture was just amazing. It reminded me of foie gras. The pork was similar to pulled pork in a BBQ sauce. The crispy fish was probably the least satisfying of the three. It is drizzled in a spicy mayo type sauce. Without that drizzle, the fish was kind of bland (I know cos my daughter had the sauce less version and couldn't finish so I did). Overall, decent tacos in a funky setting. The cocktails are my favourite part. I think I slightly prefer going to a more traditional Mexican restaurant for tacos such as Ahora or Corazon de Mais.


2017 Jan 27
Great. 830am and now all I can think about is how badly I want those tacos.
Thanks warby. So much.

2017 Jan 26
The tacos here are still awesome! The unit price has risen to $5 but you can get 3 of them for $10.50 and that's pretty darn reasonable for such a flavourful and nutritious lunch.

2012 Sep 16
I'm going to join the rest of the cheerleading squad for this cute little hole in the wall of Byward Market Square. Service was super friendly and enthusiastic. Tables are colourful and comfortable.

This little pork taco ($3.50+tax) was spectacular. A warmed corn tortilla, slathered with a layer of saucy black beans, tasty slow-cooked carnitas, super fresh chopped pico de gallo, a side of guacamole, and free access to 5 different squirt bottles of sauces -- some spicy and some not.

The flavour profile is through the roof. I can't imagine a tastier, healthier, more happy-making snack than this. Huge thumbs up!



2012 Aug 10
Inkling - Kevin himself called them taco-burritos when he delivered them to our table yesterday. He said that he calls them tacos because officially both sides are fried like a taco and "people around here seem to like tacos". All that said, I second everything that has been written about this wonderful addition to the menu. I love this place.

2012 Aug 8
I find it interesting that they call them tacos at Art Is In. What was served to me today seemed more like what I would call a burrito. With the rice it seemed to be almost a textbook Mission Burrito. Semantics aside, they are quite good and a good deal at $9.25 or whatever it was that I paid. It's a very filling lunch for one, or an inexpensive decent sized lunch for two.

2012 Aug 3
I'm thinking that Kevin will do for tacos in Ottawa what he did for burgers. Happiness is finding out that this will be a regular feature at Art is In on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

As previously mentioned, this is a flour tortilla that bears no resemblance to the 'meh' massed produced crap you usually find, this one had a great texture, further grilled on both sides for a soul satisfying crunch in each bite. Pico de gallo, guacamole, black beans, sour cream, cheddar cheese and Mexican rice were lovingly wrapped inside with a rich and deeply flavoured pork confit and served with in-house salsa made from grilled vegetables. While I was tempted by the vegetarian option made with wild mushrooms, the pork confit left us eating in a silent awe, with just enough spice enough to warm the palate.

Ten dollars for this uber taco is an absolute steal; I split this with my husband along with a pastry and it was plenty for lunch. (Then again, I make him split the burger with me so YMMV!)

This simply kills all other Mexican food I've tried in Ottawa, no need to name names. I'm not one to make dramatic statements ;o) ... but you've seriously got to rethink your foodie status if this taco isn't immediately added to your Ottawa To Eat list.

2012 Aug 3
So OSM you may commence hating me now too. This is the BEST taco I've yet tasted in Ottawa, possibly anywhere. The tortilla has the kind of soft texture that you don't get from the store bought rubbish at other places. The fillings were all top quality and the pork had a rich flavor and slight sweetness that wasn't cloying. Kevin asked me if I tried the salsa - I hadn't because I'm not a huge fan of salsa - but when he told me that he made it especially to complement the taco I tried it, and it made that delicious bundle even better. It had a nice bite that worked so well with the sweet pork. It is huge, and all this for the price of the smaller, poorer examples on offer at Tacolot and sidedoor.

2012 Aug 2
haha OSM. I kinda hate myself right about now for allowing myself to be hooked by Art-is-in yet again! I can't wait til Wednesday.

2012 Aug 2
In case you`re wondering BaconIV now i hate you too.

FreshFoodie`s post takes the edge off tho`...

2012 Aug 1
They just mentioned on Twitter or Facebook or somewhere that Tacos would be available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

2012 Aug 1

I wasn't able to go, darn work. sigh next time.

Kevin - if you're reading this please please pretty please bring back the tacos.

2012 Aug 1
Your hate is well-placed, OSM. if I hadn't heeded Lovetoeat's advice and stayed at the office, I'd loathe him as well. But I love him!

Amazing taco! So authentic Mexican, I didn't wanna drink the water ; )

The pork is this buttery, fatty, flaky meat perfection. All the textures amazing, great little sour cream coating on the perfectly toasted soft tortilla. Rice, guac, cheddar, romaine. A dollop of pico de gallo sauce on the side, some chives to sprinkle, a cup of salsa.

Everything was so fresh. No taste overpowered any other; I don't recall any sandwich with so many ingredients having so much balance. This is hands down the best taco I've had since living in the states. Packed too, chunks of meat, felt like there was a pound of pork in there. I'm stuffed. $9.25 is money well spent for this beast.

Been awhile since I last went to Art-is-in, but if this item becomes a regular, so will I again. Took the last large loaf of Dynamite White. Took the last taco, got there just in time I guess. A monster croissant and sticky bun for dessert later this aft, and I'm a happy, happy man.

2012 Aug 1
i hate you.


2012 Jul 25
The fish taco are usually on the appetizer menu. Large piece of Cod lightly battered and fried.

Tortilla is bought and does the job but not spectacular with the fish being tasty. Would be nice to be able to have something to kick it up a notch since a few slices of jalapeno was not enough for me.

2018 Jul 14
Recently on Tuesdays they've been offering their Tacos for $2.50 each. Given that tacos in our city typically go for $5 or more this is a great price!

However, these are tiny little tacos. I ordered 4 and found it to be a reasonable light lunch. The crispy fish ones are delightful! Unfortunately, the others are not that interesting and require dousing with loads of salsa verde.

The drinks look good here. I see it as a great place to hang out with friends and have a few bites while you enjoy a drink or two.