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2014 Jun 12
I'm a big fan of this place. I've never had a bad meal and their stuff is always fresh. I work in the Market so I often stop in for a burrito at lunch on the upper level, which is designated for take-out. I like that it's kind of "Subway style," in that they make it in front of you and you can pick your toppings and sauces.

As for the actual resto part downstairs, I've enjoyed many a tequila shot and margarita. The service is friendly, and I get to practice my Spanish with the obliging staff. Full marks!

2012 Sep 24
Stopped in during Nuit Blanche, for a late night snack. The basement area is a sit down spot with a bar, upstairs is a take-out counter. We just grabbed the food to go.

I had the fajita veggies burrito, with all the fixings and mediumn hot salsa. It was really good and the perfect level of heat. My last bite was all hot pepper, which was a great way to warm up ;)

We had been walking for hours, so it was the perfect filling, quick food. I will definitely go back when I am down there. I wasn't interested in stopping to sit down, but there were tables outside on the patio.

2012 Jun 21
Went there yesterday for lunch - had the Pork burrito. I was satisfied. Had the medium sauce, which was just hot enough. Next time I will go for the hot.

The pork had good flavour, with teh spice, beans, guac etc. and the tortilla held up nicely. Overall, I enjoyed my meal - just a burrito and a beer. Wish they had better beers though. The Steamwhistle is fine, but after that it is pretty dire (Molson, Coors Lite, Dos Equis and Corona, if memory serves me right)

2012 Feb 8
I've held off on reviewing this place but here it goes.

I love burrito burracho.

In the summer, I have no problem taking an inebriated stroll down here in order to satisfy my stomach's yearning for taco. Late at night, it's the only thing I can think of that this city has resembling a taqueria and for that, I thank burrito burracho. That being said, my senses after a handful of beers are not up to my sober self.

However, I've been numerous times without having imbibed and it is still great. Whether it's a burrito with beans and rice in a flour tortilla or a taco in a corn tortilla, it still hits the spot. Is it as authentic as Mauro? Possibly not. But, it's reasonably priced, the employees have always been friendly, and the deals they offer can be swell if you're into that whole value-dining thing.

There's a secret though: get the pork. The chicken is bland like chicken often is in fast food joints. The steak is fine if you need a beef fix. But the pork has been cooked for, I presume, hours and it's a little bit tangy, probably loaded with salt, juicy, and delicious. I'll take burrito burracho over Ahora for tacos/burritos, but not for nachos or other dishes. The other meats at Ahora are usually about the same, from my experience, and more expensive (at least in the past).

The guac has been good and I like their salsa verde and the habenero salsa. They've fairly recently redone the menu but I haven't strayed from what I've enjoyed in the past. The layout of the restaurant is bizarre but I don't care.

Also, they offer churros now. I'll have to report back on those.

2011 Dec 19
They have a decent selection of take out vegetarian fare at a reasonable price. I find I eat there a couple of times a week. The service is always friendly. For a vegetarian, it's good fast food.

BTW this is not a chain, it's a family business. And "Burrito Borracho" is a pun on "The drunken donkey".

2011 Nov 20
New User 4329, your case would be stronger if you actually had eaten at the vendor's establishment. That said, there's some truth in your premise that Ottawa misses the boat for some regional cooking styles. Cajun has been a notable disaster from my experience, and so is anything trying to be Mexican. You should definitely check out Los Tacos de Mauro: I think you'll be very satisfied with the quality of ingredients. I want to try Ahora soon.

I would totally support a food truck for Latin cuisine. I find it criminal that anyone wants to charge me $7-8 for a single burrito. Burritos, tacos, empanadas: those are the street food equivalents of poutine.

2011 Nov 19
Newuser4329 best bet is to buy yourself a Rick Bayless cookbook and do it yourself.

2011 Sep 12
$10.50 for 3 tacos, a corona, and a patio table in the market with lots of interesting people passing by. It's pretty hard to top that in the summertime!

2010 Oct 29
Saw this place months before I was actually able to go there to eat. Having eaten at a number of burrito shacks in Toronto, I was excited to see that one had popped up in Ottawa.

So finally last weekend I was there with my girlfriend. We both ordered veggie burritos, hers on a 10" and mine on a 12" tortilla. The result was a burrito with: beans, rice, lots of sautéed green peppers and onions (Very tasty!!), cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, guacamole, sour cream, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and our choice of 3 salsa. The burritos were huge and delicious. The detail such as the sautéed veggies, the fresh cilantro and the homemade salsas made these burritos that more enjoyable.

Note: the salsa verde really is HOT!

The staff was really nice, and even took the order to our table since the burritos had to sit on the grill for a minute or two.

For under $20 for 2 burritos and two cans of pop, it's pretty good value. It was nice enough that day that we sat outside on the patio and people-watched while we ate.

We will definitely go back there.

2010 Jul 27
MY husband and I finally made it here yesterday to try it out. being huge fans of Mexican we were both really excited. After thumping our stroller up three stairs and down a full flight (child in arms of course)we were a bit dissapointed to hear they didn't have a highchair. All this to say it's not the most child friendly place. This didn't faze us but it's worth mentioning for the sake of others.

I ordered the chicken burrito and my husband had the pork soft tacos. My burrito was more of a chicken wrap, I found it dry and a bit tasteless, next time I will ask for extra salsa. My husband LOVED his tacos, the pork looked a lot juicier and more flavourful than my chicken so I will probably go with that next time.

All in all I was a bit dissapointed with the dining expereince as a whole but that's not say I wouldn't go back for takeout Tacos sometime.



2010 Jun 23
Burritos!!! Tacos and Tortas (Mexican sandwich) are some the items found in the menu of Burrito Borracho. A restaurant in the heart of the market that has a little of both Canadian and Mexican touch. Although the atmosphere doesn't resemble the actual "taquerias" of Mexico, it's perfect for our Canadian standards. But I'm here to talk about the food, which is very good. I am not from Mexico, but I had the chance to go backpacking through central and western Mexico, so most of the places I ate at where very very Mexican. And the food of the BB is definitely up there with the best places I tried while in Mexico. The seasoning of the meats is right on, their sauces are exactly the ones you find everywhere in Mex. The tortillas of the tacos have that delicious corn flavor and they give you double tortilla, it cant get any closer to the real thing! I believe that people that REALLY appreciate good Mexican food will not put a price tag on taste. Plus the portions are huge! I mean do not compare them with American portions because then they will be small, on the contrary they are perfect for someone with a big appetite and you can down size if you don't eat much like me.

Remember there is a huge difference between TEX-MEX and authentic Mexican food, and this restaurant has the real stuff, so you wont find any ground beef, nor sour cream or fried chicken.

Last thing to add and another reason why I like this place, it's one of the few restaurants where you will find the owners working pretty much 24/7. They are doing a great job, Best wishes and lots of success!!!

2012 Oct 29
The other day I went to Burrito Borracho and I ordered a dessert for a change. They have churros!!! and as a mexican living in Ottawa, I was starting to miss them.

They were sooo good!! and I was talking to the waitress and it turns out that Burrito Borracho get them from a local vendor "Mr.Churritos"!

I love to see entrepreneurs helping each other. When you go to Burrito Borracho do not hesitate in asking for churros, they are delicious!

2017 Aug 15
Visited for the first time today and enjoyed a takeout taco salad with al pastor as the meat option. Super tasty marinated pork with just a hint of heat. Nice fresh salad with excellent black beans. It’s $12.50+tax, which is about right for the quantity and quality. Yum!

2018 Jul 14
Recently on Tuesdays they've been offering their Tacos for $2.50 each. Given that tacos in our city typically go for $5 or more this is a great price!

However, these are tiny little tacos. I ordered 4 and found it to be a reasonable light lunch. The crispy fish ones are delightful! Unfortunately, the others are not that interesting and require dousing with loads of salsa verde.

The drinks look good here. I see it as a great place to hang out with friends and have a few bites while you enjoy a drink or two.