A fried-dough pastry-based snack which originated in Spain. It is sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut or Mexican doughnut.

Churros at La Catrina Churros
Churros at La Catrina Churros
Churros at El Camino
Churros at Mr Churritos
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2012 Oct 29
I completly agree with all the comments, the churros at Ahora are chewy...and in my experience, they shouldn't be like that! (and I am Latin).

If you are looking for crisply, freshly made churros (and you can order online) try www.mrchurritos.com , you won't regret.

2012 Jan 30
Churros should ALWAYS be crispy. Bringing them in from a bakery in Mtl is unacceptable to any self-respecting Latin churro-eater!

I thought that they were the only vendor in Ottawa to sell them - even then I refused to order them after my first try. However, you can find freshly made, properly crispy churros at Delice Royal Bakery in Orleans :D.

2011 Jan 25
I have had the churros from Ahora's on three seperate occasions and find them in general kind of hit-or-miss.

Given the fact that you really can't find churros very many other places in Ottawa (I've never seen them /anywhere/), it is difficult not to give them a good review. I guess I prefer my churros crispier on the outside, and generally find that Ahoras come off as a little soggy - delicious, but soggy.

Drenching them in chocolate sauce and dulce de leche doesn't really help the texture, but I have to admit that the flavour is heavenly.

2007 Oct 17
These are good and the only place I've been able to find (save Cinnabon) that has Churros. they're simple and come in two flavours. Dulce de leche wins over chocolate for me. They do come from an outside bakery in MTL, so that's a bit of a downer.
kinda pricey: 2/$3.95

2012 Oct 29
The other day I went to Burrito Borracho and I ordered a dessert for a change. They have churros!!! and as a mexican living in Ottawa, I was starting to miss them.

They were sooo good!! and I was talking to the waitress and it turns out that Burrito Borracho get them from a local vendor "Mr.Churritos"!

I love to see entrepreneurs helping each other. When you go to Burrito Borracho do not hesitate in asking for churros, they are delicious!

2013 Nov 16
Delicioso! I tried one Regular and one Filled (in this case with dulce de leche) churro. Perfectly crisp on the outside, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and nice and moist inside.

This is a superior product to beaver tails, so it will sell well. They are much smaller than I expected, probably because I'm more used to the large Asian fried breadsticks that accompany congee and other soups. These are closer to the size of hot dog wieners, but they are dense and satisfying. 3 would be a very satisfying snack!


2014 Feb 12
I enjoyed an order of churros here after a scrumptious late night snack of tacos and was impressed. $5 gets you 4 of these little sticks of fried dough. They are rolled in sugar and served with a salted caramel dip that you can use as little or as much as you like. Just spectacular!

2018 Aug 11
I had these filled with dulce de leche. Amazing, no other word for them.

2018 Aug 11
The Churros AutÚnticos ($5 for two) are just so amazing here. So fresh, hot, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I also appreciate that the prices are tax-in, food truck style.

Don't tell the tourists clamoring over the BeaverTails stand a couple blocks away, but I'd rather spend my five bucks here for fried pastries any day of the week!

2017 Jul 18
Ulises Ortega (Mr Churritos) himself served us when we dropped by after a lunch at El Camino. Wow, wow, wow! These were the very best churros I've ever had. After a few quality control disappointments from the Mr Churritos cart, I was really happy that these were perfectly cooked. Soft but not raw on the inside and incredibly crunchy on the outside. $4.95 for two traditional cinnamon sugar churros of exceptional quality.