French bakery in Orleans. They have chocolates, cakes, real fruit and tea smoothies, springrolls, quiches, pies, bread, jams, croissants.

Foods from Patisserie Delice Royal

2013 May 12
In addition to the diabetic cake, bought also a small tiramisu for $3 and a small berry tart for 2.60 and 5 macarons for 1.75 each.

The tiramisu was quite good and mom Mom liked the fruit tart.

Over a dozen flavours for the macarons and I choose
1. lavender blueberry
2. grilled pistachio
3. lemon
4. crème brulee
5. Raspberry rosemary
It more or less made up the color of the rainbow so look quite nice in the small plastic carrying case.

2010 Oct 10
Chhuurrrroooos :) miam

2010 Aug 20
lady who brunches Patisserie Delice Royal has a stall at the Lansdowne Farmers Market. I can't really comment on how the selection compares to the store since I have never been to the store. The almond croissants are to die for. I will now have to keep my eyes peeled for their macarons.

2010 Aug 20
Churros? Churros? Why do I live in the west end??

2010 Jul 4
I sometimes drop in to grab a few things for breakfast. Their almond croissants are great. They also get bonus points for selling churros (often featured prominently near the cash).

2009 Dec 23
I've never met a loaf of bread from Delice Royal that I didn't love.


2010 Oct 10
They're amazing I can't believe they're gluten free
You have to try
Balsamic vinegar one
It's seasonal but very impressive !!!

2010 Aug 20
Patisserie Délice Royal now carries macarons from "Boutique Point G" in Montreal

They are comparable to those from the French Baker however they have more variety of flavours. I've twice gotten a box of 6 (very nice box design that keeps them from touching each other and moving around)for $9 tax included.

Flavours I've tried and liked... you could even say loved:

-pistachio (always my go-to test for a good macaron)
-chocolate coconut
-caramel fleur de sel
-Madagascar vanilla

Flavours I've tried and didn't like:



2010 Oct 10
Finally diabetic and gluten free products at a fine pastry
They only carry it at the bakery on trim and watters

There's cake truffles pastries tea chocolate bars all for diabetic and gluten free products are slowly coming out with more and more choices.

Very happy that everyone in my family can enjoy them :)
Ps the macarons are all gluten free!!!

2013 May 12
I called Friday looking for a Sugar free / diabetic cake for Mothers day, preferably available for Sat.

Delice Royal normally have a diabetic chocolate raspberry cake that is normally available with 8" priced at 31.95 and 6" priced around 24.95 I think. You can also special order 1 day in advance a strawberry shortcake for similar price.

I pre-ordered the 8" diabetic chocolate raspberry cake but when I picked it up I asked if the cake was fresh and was told it was frozen and defrosted. By chance they had fresh diabetic strawberry shortcake and a diabetic berry cake made with chocolate cake layers, whipped cream and fresh berries that day. Those cakes looked nice so I asked to swap the preordered cake for berry cake.

The cake looked nice and tasted very well but with the layer of berries in the middle including largish strawberries and other berries, they crumbled a bit more than usual when you cut it or picked up a slice. This fruit seem to weight it down a bit so it might benefit from sliced berries for the larger berries such as strawberries.

My dad did find his sugar a tad high this am but he also ate a lot of food yesterday.

I would buy their diabetic cake again.

2013 Apr 26
Been told by someone I dined next to at Table40 that Delice Royal has good sugar free cakes. Need to try them sometime.