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2008 Jul 26
Hi Vorpal,

I never lived in TO but there was one time when I was visiting the big city, my boyfriend and I went dining at North 44. It was really expensive but it was worth the experience and the food was out of this world. Our server was very very good and professional. He was attentive and patient. He was the best server I have ever come across. I remembered leaving the restaurant on cloud nine. It was that good.

Oh the tuna carpaccio! and the wine.

When you want to splurge for a special occasion, i recommend North 44 (if you haven't tried it).

If you do go, I wish you have a good server and chef who are having a good day!

2007 Jun 15
I suppose a little time in Toronto will find you some decent places. Prices notwithstanding, Tor has some of the best restaurants in Canada.

I have yet to eat at an oustanding place in Ottawa and I have eaten at your favorites. Maybe you should try Sacred Kitchen on Bank, when you get back into town. If nothing else, it's more interesting than the others.