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2014 Apr 15
Lunch specials are around $8.95 with a choice of hot & sour soup or spring roll and a good selection of main dishes with meat or vegetarian options, mostly on rice. Pictured is the beef with mixed vegetables on steamed rice. I think there were a couple of noodle soup options too.

2013 Feb 25
Pictured (blurry, sorry): Tofu pepper+Salt, Tofu with vegetables and cashews, fried noodles with vegetables. Also had the vegetarian spring rolls.

Love the food, especially the three dishes we had this time, although I've had a few surprises so make sure to ask about a particular item if you're not sure what it is (who knew fried vermicelli would come in a tomato-y sauce). tofu p+s is truly addictive. I love tofu so to see all those options is really exciting!

the place is cramped, service is o.k., not great. each order is really big, everybody always leaves with a box!

2012 Aug 9
Ive never been a big fan of chinese food (at least the fried north american kind) but i really dig this place. After seeing all the great reviews, I eventuaLly visited and the owner was a great help in suggesting what dishes to order. To date, the biggest hits with me and my friends are the indonesian shrimp, peanut chicken, and crispy beef. Ive had another variation of the shrimp but forget the name. Either way, I love everything and surprisingly, my only complaint is the white rice...last time it wasnt the freshest so we cooked our own.

So good u rock my world everytime

2010 Nov 16
I can't believe no one has commented on the Peanut chicken. I don't care that the owner's last name is "So", I personally think they actually named the restaurant after this dish because it is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.

Super rich and creamy and salty and spicy (i ask for less spicy) peanut sauce, tons of veggies (mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, green peppers, bamboo hearts) and chicken, served with rice... Simply amazing!

2010 Sep 15
The salt and pepper tofu was sooo good. It was not at all what I was expecting and I could not get enough of it. Even better is ordering the Thai style beef curry and dipping the tofu in the sauce.

No complaints about staff or service. I will definitely go back!

2010 Aug 24
After all the hype the pepper-salt tofu got, I decided to order it for my first try at So Good and was not disappointed... extremely tasty and dangerously addictive. However, a warning to other first timers:
-The serving size is gigantic - share between a few people!
-It's about as close to a chicken mcnugget that tofu can get. This is not good for your health!

2009 Dec 20
I think they put crack in their Spicy Indonesian Squid (~15$). It was too good.

Also ordered the Vegetarian Shanghai Noodles (~9$) - a bit bland for what I'm used to (does that mean no MSG?), but paired with the above dish it worked out really well.

Staff were really nice and considerate; I haven't tried enough to validate their authenticity, but if it tastes good and the price is right, it shouldn't matter so much.

2009 Nov 15
I tried their classic salt and pepper tofu and it surpassed all of the rave reviews of it! I couldn't get enough.

Very vegetarian friendly... although I went with a vegan friend, she could have a lot of the menu without having to accommodate or change anything.

Staff is friendly, can't wait to go back!

2009 Nov 15
try the squid in pepper-salt. It's one of my favorites.

2009 Nov 15
This place is quickly becoming my #1 favourite restaurant. The first time I went, I ordered the pad thai and decided this was the best, and have not been able to order anything else since. Yesterday I decided to branch out and ordered the pepper-salt chicken. While not 100% as good as the pad thai, it was still pretty good. Reminded me greatly of KFC, but you know, they probably use actual chickens here.

That being said, I'm starting to be convinced that everything on their menu might just be THAT good. We've never had a bad experience here.



2009 Apr 15
I have gone here once on the recommendation of a vegetarian and both Veg dishes I tried were excellent. One of them was noodle stirfy with a peanut sauce and a variety of vegetables in there, high in protein and nicely spiced. The second was the pepper salt fried tofu which was honestly the best tofu I have ever eaten.

Granted, my vegetarian friend is a spice fiend, but everything I tried there was excellent. I heartily reccomend the place.

2008 Nov 27
How can anyone who's menu is that vast make anything well?


It's cheap and it is actually pretty good. I've had much better chinese, but for the price and if you are in a bit of a rush, So Good hits the spot.

The So Good Sauce is surprisingly good.

2006 Nov 11
Extensive menu of vegetarian items here, and those hoping for the Szechwan style will be particularly pleased (i.e., no shortage of tasty sauce). Their Buddha's delight is a favourite of mine -- lots of mushrooms!