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2010 Nov 5
If you like mac 'n cheese you should try the one they make at the Piggy Market. They use homemade noodles and four types of cheese - it is soooo decadent yet soooo good!

P.S. Cute kitty!

2010 Nov 4
Me too. Me too.
(Every time I look at it.)

2010 Nov 4
Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I'm glad to hear the students find it useful. :-)

2010 Sep 28
Can you just click "Mark ALL comments as read" on the buzz page to catch up? It sounds like you haven't marked any as "read" since much earlier this year.

2010 Apr 8
thanks for the add!

2009 Sep 3
Good to see you back! Do you miss having kimchi with every meal? :-)