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Samosa at Rangoli Indian Cuisine
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2012 Sep 27
Shaan's a take-out restaurant, not a grocer.

The price of any dish is determined by things like food cost and labor and overhead. Whether you're still willing to pay for it after that only determines whether they'll want to keep it on the menu or not.

I'm not going to comment on pricing outside of the Ottawa/Gatineau area as I don't believe it to be connected.

2012 Sep 27
The price of a samosa is whatever people are willing to pay for it. 2 fresh samosas at Karara, including sauce, for $1.50... or $2,00 for 1 microwaved samosa + sauce at Shaan.

2012 Sep 27
With all the talk about Samosa at Shaan, thought I add to the question - how much should they cost? Probably depends if it is a restaurant or grocery store. I used to drive out to Missisauga and would get fresh samosas still hot, 5/$1 (veggie). So at $2 for one it seems pretty high, but in a restaurant I'd always expect to pay more.

2010 Mar 17
Rinag foods makes Beef . chicken vegetable and tofu/spinach samosas for under $1

they are so good perfectly spicd and made fresh everyday they are the main supplier or samosa to corners stores restaurants and farm boy and other grocery stores in ottawa...

they are in jamie sectore around west hunt club and merivale


2007 Dec 9
Very good, with above average spice level.


2011 Jan 14
I enjoyed the taste of the Vegetable Samosa. Nicely seasoned, and a generous size. Possibly the best food value one can find for a dollar.

However, two things were disappointing:
* It was packaged cold from the counter, so we had to warm it in our oven.
* The pastry was incredibly dry. I'm sure the oven-warming didn't help this.



2008 Oct 25
I bought some as they were delivered to the store fresh (still warm) while I was there. Good pastry and flavour, with a welcoming spice level. Certainly some of the better ones I've had. They come from the Little India Cafe next door.


2013 Apr 1
Not as large as in the past.

BUT ... $1.25 for Veg, Chicken OR Beef and pretty tasty treat for a buck-an-a-quarter.

(The store owner is a hoot to chat with. Real nice guy.)



2008 Jan 1
The samosa order comes with two samosas. The vegetable ones are great - heavy on the curry, but lots of potatoes and peas. The chutney is a clove-based one.



2008 Apr 14
These are really good!
I had 2 for an appetizer and they were very filling. I found them almost too spicy at the end.
Both the veggie samosas and the meat are very good, and fresh as well.

2006 Oct 10
The picture doesn't really do it justice since I split it wide open to show the inside. These veggie samosas are large and yummy with a nice hint of spiciness.


2011 May 19
Unlike the other 3 comments which probably come from the owner/proprietor, I'll add an objective comment saying the samosa are indeed good. The pastry is not too thick and I tried both the beef and vegetarian options and really enjoyed them. The veggie was under a dollar and the beef a bit more. Not a bargin, but a reasonable price for Ottawa.

2008 Jun 28
The samosa's are hard to believe, they are wonderfull, This is what fast food should be all about, also their pagoras with Tamarind sauce are to die for, along with a mind boggling choice of deserts
Don't make the mistake of missing this east indian fast food store
It is remarkable, as are the curries

2008 Feb 28
I am surprised that Why there are not so many comments for the Samosas from Nasa Food Centre ?
Please go there and try the Samosa. You will surely write very good comments on them in this section.

2007 Nov 18
The samosas here are a hidden little gem.


2007 Apr 1
Vegetable samosas were excellent -- possibly the best I've had. I found the filling to be drier than usual but not at all in a bad way. The pastry was crispy but not greasy.

The condiments were top notch. The cilantro-chili stuff was fresher and nicer than I've had anywhere else, and the tamarind sauce was less pungent than usual.

Highly recommended.


2008 Feb 18
Among the best veggie samosas that I've had in this fair city. Nice and spicy, and they dose the pastry with nigella seeds, which increases the deliciousness manyfold.

2007 Feb 25
My son and I enjoyed sharing a veggie samosa at the Shafali Bazaar in the Byward Market Square. His review, "This is spicy. I like spicy!"

In addition to the traditional potato and peas it also contained diced carrots and corn. Not normal but still a nice tasty snack!


2007 Jan 19
The vegetable samosas here are awesome! They are 75 cents apiece, have good flavour, quite a bit of spiciness and are less greasy than is the norm.

2006 Dec 8
Oh, sorry Corneggs. I actually just hate the taste of spelt, even in bread. I've never even tried the spelt samosas because of my aversion to spelt. I'm also pretty firm in my preferences. I'll pick out the fried samosas first and if there aren't very many I'll buy some of the baked ones too.

2006 Dec 8
Well, I got day-olds for 70 cents. They usually sell for under a dollar.

Mousseline, what's wrong with the spelt ones? I actually prefer those.

2006 Dec 7
How cheap is cheap? Samosas *at* Haveli are quite pricey at around $3 or $4 a pair. They charged about 75 cents each for them several years ago at the Allspice Superstore (next door to the Bells Corners Haveli) -- although I heard from Indian friends that this is the "white man price." :-)

I picked up good Samosas for 50 cents each at the Super Sweet Mart on Rochester just the other day.

2006 Dec 7
They get them from Haveli (I've asked). I like these samosas so much that if I spy only 5 or 6 in the basket I'll buy them all, so that the people behind me in line are SOL. Just not the spelt ones. I don't even consider spelt pastry edible.

The nice folks at NFP will also order things in specially for you. I get 1 kg blocks of lactose-free mozzarella and lactose-free cheddar there.

2006 Dec 7
Their samosas are good and cheap. They must get them from somewhere though.


2006 Nov 17
I love these samosas because they are small and can be eaten in two bites.



2006 Dec 3
We asked an experienced Indian matriarch where to buy the best samosas in town and she directed us to this little place. What a great find!

The vegetable samosas are delicious. Lots of potatoes and spices and loads of flavour! The crust is good but no better than Haveli. What really can't be beat is the price -- they're 50 cents each!