Indian grocery in Bells Corners strip mall.

Foods from Allspice Superstore

2008 Sep 8
This is a neat little store that's increasingly becoming a part of my regular grocery shopping. It has the usual supplies -- ghee, chickpea flour, etc -- and a nice selection of spice mixes, boil-in-bag stuff, a bit of take-away, and frozen foods.

The (fresh) samosas are large and tasty and the pakoras are excellent.

Vegetarians should delight in their freezers; I can particularly recommend the "Recipes of Udupi" masala dosa, but have yet to find a lousy entree there.


2013 Apr 1
Not as large as in the past.

BUT ... $1.25 for Veg, Chicken OR Beef and pretty tasty treat for a buck-an-a-quarter.

(The store owner is a hoot to chat with. Real nice guy.)