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Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lamb at Haveli
Tandoori Chicken at Haveli
Naan at Haveli
Samosa at Haveli
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2014 Mar 4
Great variety in food, great service too. They even change their lunch menu if you call them ahead for a group lunch. LOVE the gulab jamoons!!!
Highly recommend, great for the price:)

2009 Jun 10
I have to agree with MmmmJ on the Bells Corners location. I've only gotten take out from here so I can't speak for the eat-in experience but I have also found their food way to oily and (at least when I ordered a couple of months ago) over-priced. I have been going to the downtown Haveli for years (since they were in their old location on the top of the escalator) but the Bells Corners location doesn't have the same quality. If you're in the market for good indian take-out in this area Ceylonta is a much better option.

2009 Jun 10
Ordered take-out from the Bells corners location on a Monday night. Ordered saag paneer, bhartha and naan.

I don't know if they were having an off night but I did not find the food to be appetizing in any way.

The naan was undercooked, could be because the tandoor was not warm enough or they just took it out too early. The saag paneer had WAY too many coriander seeds and not enough of the usual indian spices. The bhartha was a bit better than most places but extremely oily.

I am not sure I will return to this place. I have eaten lots of Indian food in my life (I am Indian) and consider myself a connoisseur.

2009 Feb 16
Went to dinner with friends last Saturday night. As they are Indian I let them choose the menu for me, We started with a potato pattie covered with yogurt and drizzled with tamarind sauce, This was outstanding, I could have licked my plate clean
The service was well paced and the mains came out about 20 minutes after we had finished our aps.

We had the lamb curry, pea paneer, chickpea curry, vegetable curry and Tandoori chicken as well as wonderful basmati rice flavoured with spices. The naan bread was excellant and arrived hot and fluffy.

I liked the way the food was served family style so we could all try a little of everything.
My 2 favourites were the aps. and the pea paneer, I loaded my plate with the later as it is a favourite of mine and we asked especially for it as they usually make it with spinach.

I can reccomend this restaurant to any one who loves Indian cuisine the food and the service were excellant.
I dont know the bill total as I was a guest but the mains all ranged in the $ 12,00 per dish.
The Chai tea was served in a tea pot so we could has seconds as well. They brought us a small plate with sweets to have with our tea. Very sweet and delicious.

2008 Jun 19
This was some of the better Indian I've had in a while. Poppadums were fresh, naan was chewy, rice was fluffy, and every dish in the Gandhi's delight was just right. Not the cheapest, but well worth it.

2008 Apr 14
We brought my dad here for his birthday the day Earth hour was going on. We showed up kind of early as we didn't know what kind of participation the restaurant was having with Earth Hour.
Enjoyable time! The food was great, everybody seemed happy with it, and hardly any valuable complaints.
We had great service from this one guy who took our orders, but after that he seemed to have disappeared and we were left with a very soft-spoken server instead.
We didn't find the beef vindaloo that spicy, so make sure if you like it hot, to order it that way.
Pretty fun place to eat too because you can watch one of the cooks prepare this chicken and the Naan. Its definitely fresh!!
check out my site for a more indepth review at

2008 Mar 1
Ohhhhhhhh - the butter chicken here is divine. - creamy and flavourful with enough spice to give it some bite. I haven't found its match in Ottawa, but I'm still looking. Although the restaurant is in a strip mall, the decor is quite nice and the restaurant is spacious.




2008 Apr 14
The chicken Tandoor is delicious. It comes out sizzling!
There isn't much left on the plate, but its there on the left.

Also in this pic is some shrimp (big silver plate with the lemon), the beef vindaloo, and the lamb (silver dishes), as well as the Naan (basket)



2013 Oct 8
Today's lunch buffet offered kheer, gulab jamun, a nice coconut sweet, and what I assume was carrot barfi. I love Indian sweets so this was a wonderful way to finish.

2013 Oct 8
Food quality today seemed better than I remembered it. Everything was delicious! The naan was fresh, the tandoori chicken tender, and the saucy dishes were all tasty. One dish featured pieces of (ground) lamb kebab in a nice gravy. Another featured paneer cheese in satisfying and tasty cubes. The spinach dish had some vegetables (and no paneer) but was one of the tastiest things there!

All around thumbs up on this one. :-)

2013 Mar 13
Great lunch buffet quality endures here. I was thrilled to see an enhanced dessert selection:

* Kheer - beautifully sweet and creamy.
* Gulab Jamun - generous and so good.
* Assorted sweets - I loved the green coconut one.

2012 May 23
Lunchtime offerings were as good as ever! Tandoori chicken was exceptionally tasty this time. My only complaint is there hasn't been Gulab Jamun for dessert when I've visited recently. The Kheer was good though.

2010 Nov 1
To Ravi Shanghavi: The owner did not pass away. I believe it is still the same two owners, brothers.

Had lunch the other day and found a pretty good variety of food. We go out with groups from work and this is always a favorite because it usually pleases everyone! Always good, fresh food! I'm lactose and gluten intolerant so I can always eat lots and never leave hungry. Will keep going back!

2010 Jul 31
The owner passed away so it is likely that there is new management. The highlight of the haveli buffet is the dessert table as you've got way more variety than any other indian buffet I've been to. The food itself isn't memorable.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2009 Dec 21
I was here more than 5-6 times in the last couple of years... and food was always delicious. Today I went there for lunch buffet with my wife... my recommendation... and we both got sick... it was definitely my last time at Haveli's Bells Corners...

It looked to me that this place is run by a new crew/management.

I recommend Indian Clay Owen in Kanata instead.

2006 Sep 30
Every time we have colleague moving to another department or leaving the company, this is the place for lunch. I am a bit sick of the buffet lunch. I only eat the curry beef with their freshly oven baked bread. Not a fan of it. But go there because of majority votes.



2008 Apr 14
These are really good!
I had 2 for an appetizer and they were very filling. I found them almost too spicy at the end.
Both the veggie samosas and the meat are very good, and fresh as well.

2006 Oct 10
The picture doesn't really do it justice since I split it wide open to show the inside. These veggie samosas are large and yummy with a nice hint of spiciness.


2010 Nov 1
Love the naan! Love watching the chef make it through the window!

2006 Nov 17
Yes. The naan there is pretty fresh. Good with curry beef.

2006 Oct 10
The naan is pretty good here. The picture isn't great but the bread is tasty with just the right amount of chewiness.


2008 Apr 14
Pasanda Lamb - Morsels of lamb marinated in yogurt and cooked in special curry sauce.

this was everybody's favourite dish of the whole meal!
I know this is a horrible picture, and not that appealing (I'm not a food photographer clearly), but there is a little dollop of the lamb on the left.
(Beef on the right, shrimp at 12 o'clock, chicken tandoor in the middle and rice at 10 o'clock)


2008 Jun 19
Delicious! Thick, rich, creamy; lovely stuff.

Ordered "hot," it had a great kick but was not mouth-burning. Just right.