Tandoori Chicken at Karara - The Indian Take Out
Tandoori Chicken at Haveli
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2008 Apr 14
The chicken Tandoor is delicious. It comes out sizzling!
There isn't much left on the plate, but its there on the left.

Also in this pic is some shrimp (big silver plate with the lemon), the beef vindaloo, and the lamb (silver dishes), as well as the Naan (basket)



2007 Mar 17
Their supper-time buffet for about 12 bucks usually has some excellent tandoori chicken.


2007 Mar 17
Their lunch-time buffet usually has excelletn tandoori chicken.


2010 Apr 1
They make the best and most softest tandoori in Ottawa imo.


2013 Nov 16
This is the "Half Tandoori Chicken" we received for $13. Honestly, I've never seen such a tiny chicken, and the poor thing was missing its wing. There were four tiny pieces: thigh, drumstick, and the breast cut in half. The meat was dry and mushy like it had been sitting around, and the seasoning was muted.

The salad with coriander sauce was a nice touch, but it didn't make up for the disappointing chicken.