Typically on weekdays only.

Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at VIVA International Buffet
Lunch Buffet at East India Company
Lunch Buffet at Maple Court Dining Lounge
Lunch Buffet at Ceylonta
Lunch Buffet at Pizza Hut
Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lunch Buffet at Panda Garden Buffet
Lunch Buffet at Panda Garden Buffet
Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lunch Buffet at Taj Indian Cuisine
Lunch Buffet at Haveli
Lunch Buffet at Golden India
Lunch Buffet at Golden India
Lunch Buffet at Golden India
Lunch Buffet at Golden India
Lunch Buffet at Little India Cafe
Lunch Buffet at Hong Chow
Lunch Buffet at Country Place
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2015 Aug 13
This lunch buffet ($14) was nothing short of epic! More than 16 hot dishes, numerous cold salads and pickles/chutneys, and a varied dessert counter place this ahead of Ottawa's other Indian buffets. The food was uniformly tasty and wonderful. I tried to fit a little bit of all the hot dishes on the plate in this photo but I ran out of room. Particularly exceptional were the chana masala, veg khorma, and the fried fish. The crab curry that Tree Pug mentioned was pretty addictive too, although note that it contains surimi rather than actual crab.

The only potential glitch in comparison to other buffets is that there is a surcharge for naan--a fact they didn't mention when asking if we'd like some with our meal. But the food was so good that this hiccup didn't bother me one bit.



2012 Jul 20
So incredible! My husband and I have been dining here for the buffet for about three years almost once a month. The food is so fresh, and the spicing is perfect. We have now tried eight different Indian food restaurants in the Ottawa area for lunch buffet, but they truly are not in the same category. If you go for lunch, arrive by 11:45, especially Mondays and Fridays. I cannot comment on the evening full menu, but have read that service can sometimes be unsatisfactory. Because of this, we continue to visit Little India for lunch whenever we can.

2011 Mar 29
We normally get takeout from here but ventured in for a weekday lunch. Arriving right at noon, we took one of the last tables available. I counted a total of 26 seats.

Service was friendly and effective. This is a tiny and cramped restaurant, so you manoeuvre between chairs to get to the buffet, and you might contort a little to reach some of the offerings while staying out of the staff's way.

The food was delicious, as expected! Nothing spicy but everything tasty. Papadum, Pakora, Samosa, Chutneys and Pickles. Basmati. Saag Paneer, Mushroom Paneer, Lentil Daal, Chana Masala, Aloo Gobi, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Beef Bhuna Gosht. Kheer, Gulab Jamun (and what looked like unfried gulab jamun -- tasty white milk balls). A garlic-buttered Naan, cut into 4 pieces, was brought to our table of two soon after we sat down with our first plate of food.

Particularly good were the Samosas, Mushroom Paneer, Aloo Gobi, Butter Chicken, Beef Bhuna Gosht (tender beef simmered with tomato and green peppers). The Tandoori Chicken is much less seasoned than in other places, allowing the flavour of the chicken itself to come through. I don't see this as a bad thing, but it might not be what you expect. The butter chicken is really nice here, but the lunch buffet version is a little toned down in terms of spice.

2010 Jul 31
Stunning, my family raves about the owners cooking. So this week being in the neighbourhood I gave it a go. Boy am I ever glad to have gone. While it gets super busy around noon the food is replenished quickly, and naan arrives fresh to your table as requested.

I'd never had a mushroom paneer saag before, and I have been missing out! I really enjoyed the beef curry dish as it had just the right amount of spice and excellent flavor. The butter chicken was ok, and the tandoori chicken was decent but could have held a bit more flavor. I'd have to say the Taj restaurant still does a better tandoori chicken.

Myself and my partner thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and parted perhaps having enjoyed too much of the delicious food. Came to 31$ for two lunch buffets and two soft drinks.

Recommended for sure! -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa



2012 Sep 12
Nice buffet with many options in small serving trays. Flavours are rich and enjoyable, although I found the channa masala to have a strong component I didn't like (and it's usually one of my favourites).

Butter chicken was delicious (and boneless). They also had a chicken curry where the thighs had bones (yum). There was no tandoori chicken to speak of -- the closest was entire chicken wings, coated in tandoori-like marinade, and then cooked somehow (definitely not roasted or tandoorified!). The end result was wet wings that tasted just okay.

I'd rate it higher than most Indian buffets, but don't go expecting tandoori chicken and tandoori naan. You might get wet chicken wings and fried naan. The tandoor wasn't broken either -- another diner requested tandoori naan and received it. ;-)



2010 Apr 2
In our friend group, both YangMing and Buffet Dragon are the two recommended places for Chinese Buffet (one friend prefers Buffet Dragon over Buffet Yang Ming). I haven't been to Yang Ming for a long time and returned to this place for lunch (they had a kitchen fire in the Christmas time and re-opened for business couple months ago). The food has improved a lot and most of the food items are pretty good. If you want varieties, you won't be disappointed. The Tofu in the Dim-Sum area was pretty tasty. The fried chicken wings were crispy. I had my stomach full (too full, even though I filled my plates twice only) when I left the restaurant. $11+tax+tips for lunch, no complaint!

P.S. I just realilzed that I said I won't return after my previous visit in 2007. I went again after 2.5 years.

2007 Jul 22
Don't know if they have changed management. Food quality has deteriorated significantly since our last visit in Feb/07. The food was cold (not even lukewarm). The taste was pretty bad. I will not return.




2010 Jul 31
Tucker's is pure rubbish, this place has got to be one of the worst lunch buffets I've ever been to. The food is tasteless and pure garbage. I even returned recently just to see if perhaps I was a bit too harsh on my opinion of their food. No I wasn't. Don't bother, especially on your birthday even though it's free. You deserve better.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2007 Feb 1
$10 for all-you-can-eat requires horrible food for it to be a bad deal.

This isn't horrible food.

It's pretty bland fare, but. Mr Kmennie is a meat-and-potatoes sort, a fan of N American stodge; there're lots of people like that, and I like it once in a while, and it fits the bill quite well for that.

The vegetarian's review:

-- pasta bar is a good idea. Mine needed more sauce, but it was good pasta.
-- some of the little cold salads are quite good. Potato salad was surprisingly tasty, for one.
-- hard to dislike a baked potato 'bar'
-- veg crisp and fresh; it's so busy that nothing sticks around for long
-- ratatouille a little too cooked, though
-- blah corn chowder
-- fruit: fresh

Really, the only problem is blandness. But it's quite easy to assemble a tasty meal, and a large tasty meal to boot. I went back twice for the cold salad-y stuff.

It does make me think of a 'New Yorker' cartoon of a 'bar bar' -- a buffet of vats labelled 'gin,' 'rum,' etc. Would that they had such a thing...


2010 Jul 31
Veranda D'or is a hidden gem. In this small mall off Conroy Road this place really does an excellent lunch buffet. The price is really reasonable and the food quality is excellent. Though not quite as spicy as the menu items, I've enjoyed lunch there many times with the help of a little bit of hot sauce. Food is fresh and you've got about a dozen choices from the buffet.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2014 Oct 8
Walked by and got a flyer from a woman explaining this caterer just started offering a lunch buffet. Included a coupon to save $2.50.

Went to check it out and was told that all of October, the lunch buffet is $12.50 even without the coupon.

Salad bar was nice: pasta salad, quinoa salad, eggs, pickles, olives. Also a make your own Caesar salad station.

Hot food and desserts rotate. This week is Thanksgiving week. Steamed vegetables, roasted potatoes, a mash (squash?), stuffing balls, lamb stew, ham and pineapple, turkey carved right in front of you. The set-up uses their catering stuff so it literally looks like your usual catered event.

Pasta station also available.

Desserts included rice pudding, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and apple pie.

The salad bar was great. Hot food was pretty good. Pasta bar was so-so (cream sauce was a bit bland). Desserts were delicious (but I'm a sucker for rice pudding, no raisins!).

Anyway, the place was pretty empty but the food is reasonably priced and tasty enough. They also do take-out for $9.50.

Just wanted to put this place out there because I'm always complaining about the choices downtown. For take-out, between Marcello's and Prinzo, I'd much rather go to Prinzo. For a buffet/all-you-can-eat, Prinzo is neck and neck for me with Sushi Kan (which I consider a Chinese buffet first, sushi place distant second).

2014 Jun 11
This place is almost like a museum of "Canadian" Chinese food. It feels unchanged since the early 80's. Epic.

All-you-can-eat egg rolls, chicken balls, crispy wings, sweet and sour pork, chop suey, fried rice, and chow mein for $8.95+tax+tip.

Since I mostly fraternize with food snobs, there are very few people with whom I can go here. ;-)

2016 Oct 5
I absolutely had to check this new place out given the extremely polarized nature of the online reviews so far. Facebook, Zomato, Yelp... anywhere you will see either glowing 5-star tributes or expletive laden 1-star diatribes. Experience tells me that both of these types of review are rarely trustworthy.

My lunchtime visit happened to be during a week when they were running a promotion. Lunch is normally $15.95 but the promo had it down to $12.95.

The selection is impressive for lunch. Full salad bar, generous dessert table (see photo), and an impressive array of moist food items. The food most suited to warming tables is that which sits in a sauce of some kind and only gets better over time (which is why Indian cuisine, for example, lends itself so well to the buffet format). In this case, the hot items were hit and miss but that's how any buffet works. They have a sample menu on their website and it seems accurate.

The quality over all was like a decent conference centre buffet, albeit at a more reasonable price. Service was genuine and friendly.

Two items especially worthy of note: self-serve soft ice cream with sundae toppings at the dessert bar, and excellent local beers on tap from Whitewater and Perth brewing companies. At $5 a pint it's probably the best deal in Kanata!


2012 May 10
Buffet view 2.

Good variety, typically 'buffet tamed'. Quality around same level as Ahaar.

Two kinds on naan and two rices. More selection, better decor and less crowded than Little India Cafe.

Mango Lassi really good with orange slice and maraschino cherry.

Tandoori chix a bit dry.

Staff are polite and friendly. No up selling like Taj.

I want to return and try a la carte.

2012 May 10
Buffet view 1.

Good variety, typically 'buffet tamed'.

Baiji and samosa good. SHRIMP curry !

Ample vegetarian dishes.

2012 May 10
Desserts (incl Galub Gummin) and salad.

2012 May 10
Pickles, chutney's, raita, sauces, etc.



2013 Sep 27
Looks very good! But, you're far too neat! haha. My pic would include all of those items on one plate!

2013 Sep 27
Plate after plate of yummyness!

2013 Jun 18
The quality here continues to be significantly above average. I'd say for $9.99 it is the tastiest and most diverse lunch option anywhere. Soups, sushi, dim sum, dessert, and all the usual fried and stir-fried meat and veg stuff.

And they have my favourite: bubble gum ice cream! :D

2010 Jul 31
I feel I need to post again, because either their quality is totally inconsistent or they've taken steps to improve things. Last week, I went with co-workers, saying, "Okay, let's give it one last shot before it goes out of business!"

Anyway, it was surprisingly full for a Wednesday, and most of the food was decent. Sure, some things were too sweet or a little bland, but nothing had a strange, unpalatable taste like before. Those plump shrimp were quite nice again this visit. Egg rolls were dismal (nothing but bean sprouts), but 80% of the food items were okay to good.

And I quite enjoyed my bowl of authentic Chinese blue bubble gum ice cream. ;-)

2010 Apr 2
Ashley, I agree. I went for another visit last week and the quality had already deteriorated since my first visit in February! At least half the dishes had a funny, almost chemical, taste. I actually left a piece of squid on my plate because it tasted so fishy. There were a few delicious items (like the crispy chicken wings), but the General Tso's Chicken was much worse than before. The Vegetable Shrimp were still plump but had a sort of astringency that left my teeth feeling fuzzy.

I tried one of those sweet fried pastry bow-tie things and it was stale! I'm very sad about this; I may have to return to Hong Chow as my default.

2010 Apr 2
This place was very clean with very nice decoration inside (although we found that the tables did not match the deco).

In terms of variety, I think this place can't compare with Buffet YangMing at all. Some of the dishes were alright (e.g., the lemon chicken was tasty), some of the dishes were below-average (e.g., the fried noodles). The food items in row 1 and 2 (close to the cashier side) are almost identical (i.e., they duplicated the food items in each row). The Dim-Sum were not refilled and were cold.

We went on Saturday morning around noon. The place was only few tables full.

The service was pretty good. The young lady kept pouring hot water to our teapot.

For lunch, it is $10.50 (Sat-Sun) per person (before tax and tip). We paid $15 per person. It will be a long time for us to go back to this place again. For Chinese buffet, Buffet Yang Ming and Buffet Dragon are still the winners so far!

2010 Feb 17
Visited for lunch today and was quite pleased! Lots of selection, reasonable prices, and better than average buffet quality food... all reasons to come here instead of any other buffet west of Yang Ming.

Highlights were the General Tso's Chicken (almost restaurant quality, whereas all other buffet versions I've seen were not identifiable as GT's). All the fried chicken products were great, and the Vegetable Shrimp were nice and plump. There was a fairly well-stocked sushi bar at the back too. Some dim sum options sitting in steamers. Lots of ice cream flavours.

Very clean inside -- staff were even wiping down the legs of tables. Nice decor and high ceilings give the place a pleasant airy atmosphere.

I'll be back!

2010 Jul 31
Rinag is a massive food catering business. They do tons of commercial and weddings. They have their own wedding hall now also. It's out of that hall just off Hunt Club/Merivale that they do their buffet. What's interesting about their buffet is that they have some really authentic indian dishes that you normally don't see in a restaurant let alone in a buffet. Case in point is the pani puri, and chaat papri. Both very popular snack/appetizer/meal dishes that are the favorite of many. Myself included. So while I enjoyed the chaat papri, and a couple of the buffet items I didn't leave with the warm feeling that would have led me to return again. Not sure why, as thinking about it now makes me want to revisit. I recall it also was 15-20 per person.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa


2010 Feb 21
Totally disappointed after hearing so many good things. The food was lukewarm, chicken in the butter chicken was dry, vegetable korma was basically just sauce. The only thing that saved it at all for me was the excellent gulab jamin I ordered off the menu for dessert, the Chai tea, and good service.
I have decided to give it another go and order off the menu, we'll see what happens.

2009 Oct 24
Long wait, but good buffet, and well worth the price ($12). One plate of rice, chickpea salad, chicken masala and butter chicken kept me full all afternoon/evening. Awesome naan.


2008 May 10
Yes, it's pretty standard buffet quality here but I'm impressed with any buffet that offers freshly prepared sushi (the sushi chef is busily preparing a wide spectrum of maki and nigiri behind the counter). Not the best sushi either (the tuna salad roll is a bit of a WTF), but awesome in a buffet.

The dishes on offer are switched up a bit from visit to visit. Last time they even had battered and fried whole sardines...

The tasty Thai salad (see photo) is a nice touch too.


2010 Jul 31
Menu is great food, buffet is shoddy.

Lunch buffet at Host India was disappointing. I've been there many times for dinner and ordered from the menu. The food has always been great, amazingly flavorful and always fresh. The spices and taste of their dishes have had me going back again and again over the years.

But the lunch buffet is way too toned down in terms of flavor and taste. It's so bland I was sorely disappointed. So I really recommend saving your visit to Host India for the evening, or ordering from the menu.

Don't get me wrong, I love Host India. It's my favorite indian restaurant here in Ottawa.

Happy eating! -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2007 Dec 3
Tried out the buffet. All the currys were cold. There was only about 4 or 5 others when I was there, and they were asking the staff to heat their food up for them. I think there might have been an issue with their buffet warmers when I was there.

The service was quick, picked up dirty plates before I could sit down with a new plate.

The pakora was awesome (and hot), best mint chutney I've ever had too.

Soup was tastey, some variety of lentil soup.



2013 Nov 16
I don't eat Pizza Hut very often, but when I do it's via the incredibly priced (still ~$6.95) lunch buffet.

* Lettuce with croutons and assorted dressings
* Breadsticks with marinara sauce
* Assorted pizzas (4-5 kinds)
* Baked cheesy pasta in tomato saucee
* Dessert pizza
* Cinnaparts

I had my semi-annual fix at the Hazeldean (Kanata) location this past week. :-)

2010 Jul 31
I've been, greasy.. oh so greasy. Salad bar is reasonable, and the place gets very busy. But for the price its well worth it. Just don't expect to be on top of your game after lunch.. the grease goes straight to your head.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2006 Sep 9
Sure it's bad for you, but at $6.99 it's one of the best deals around!



2010 Jul 31
Bland, and very toned down in terms of flavor. Shame since I know food from the menu is fairly decent. There is a decent amount of variety but really what is the point if it all tastes like mush. - Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa


2010 Jul 31
Attended Du Barry many times over the years at its Vanier location and the one in Gatineau. I prefer Vanier because it seems they have more variety in terms of dim sum/dumplings and the like. This is really the main reason I attend Du Barry for its buffet. Other chinese buffets simply do not have the pot stickers/dumplings they do, also the selection of sushi is decent.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa



2006 Oct 17
The lunch buffet here has quite a few choices, and many have no shortage of curried sauce. I've been a few times, and the flavours have seemed consistently good. Caveat: I'm not yet a connoisseur of Indian food, but I do seek it out from time to time, as the buffets tend to have more than a token vegetarian option.

2007 Jun 27
lunch buffet only good if you want to try some of the stuff on the menu that's out of the ordinary....


2006 Nov 20
This tiny restaurant is on Merivale, south of Hunt Club. The buffet isn't huge but what they have is of high quality for a buffet. The food is "Canadian" Chinese with an unusually generous selection of vegetables (all with meat though - no purely vegetarian choices other than onion rings). Two of the dishes have a little bit of spicy heat to them.

Highly recommended if you like Chinese buffets!



2009 Jul 10
The lunch buffet is pretty average fare, nothing too spicy or overly complex but it is very good quality ingredients, especially the meat and the price is certainly right. She tones it down for the mass market, unlike dinner.

Best lunch buffet in town? Yes, but the competition is pretty light.


2009 Dec 21
Well run place with delicious Indian food... this is my number 1 in Kanata/Stittsville/Bells Corners area...
I confirm... butter chicken the best I ever had. I will try it again no doubts!

2007 Mar 29
I checked this place out yesterday and I have to say that the food was quite good for a lunch buffet. The butter chicken was really yummy (quite rich) and the beef vindaloo was great - spicy for a buffet, but not as spicy as vindaloo typically is. The Naan was also pretty good, but maybe a bit chewy - probably from re-heating. My only real criticism is that the vegetable pakoras were a bit over cooked.

I will definitely go back!

Just a note of caution with respect to the parking lot - if you are going for lunch, go early as this strip mall has a few restaurants and it tends to get really busy - parking is at a premium.


2009 Jun 11
My girlfriend and I stopped in for the Lunch Buffet this last Saturday. It was empty inside and around 1pm, so we were a little worried.

Well, we had nothing to worry about. The food was excellent, the owner brought us fresh Naan to our table and other items to the buffet tables.

My favourites included the Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and the pakoras. They also had an excellent homemade hot sauce that was flavourful, but burned the mouth and throat - so good!

We would definetely go back. My favourite Indian in Ottawa so far.


2019 Apr 15
Email sent to India Curry and Kebab House:

"Been to India Curry and Kebab House a few years ago and I'm wondering if your Lunch buffets still include the following:

- Dosa ? (loved these)
- Samosa, bhaji, or papadum ?
- Chutneys and pickles ?
- Gulab Jamun ?

Would like to come back and have a similar experience,




"Yes dosa is there samosa no
Gulam jamun may be
But if we don’t have that in buffet you can always ask for it we will provide u with the items
Sachin "



2019 Apr 15
Does the chicken have all the flavour of eighty-five?

....no one is going to get that joke but i felt obliged to make it anyways...

2019 Apr 14
I have eaten here a few times and the food is really good. Lots of dishes I have never heard of but all of them very good. Chicken 85 and vindaloos were standouts. The naan is the best I have had in Ottawa.

2018 Sep 8
The Lunch Buffet ($16) is tasty and satisfying but I think my honeymoon phase is fading with this place. On our most recent visit they had no dosa, which made me sad. The dosa here were made to order and spectacular, allowing me to ignore the shortcomings:

* No samosa, bhaji, or papadum (all ubiquitous at other buffets).
* The veg dishes fluctuate wildly — there is no guarantee of having one of the excellent chickpea, lentil, or eggplant dishes. The meat is always tandoori chicken (excellent), butter chicken (okay), and one other. Yesterday it was goat curry; usually it is beef.
* No chutneys.
* No gulab jamun. There's just one dessert and it's always a pudding.

Aside from the 3 veg and 3 meat dishes, there is always sambar and rice on offer. There's an uninteresting salad bar with pasta salad, pickled onions, raita, and a few other things.

Naan is freshly made and served just after you sit down. It's good but lacks the wonderful soft texture of the one at Amaya Express in the nearby Rideau Centre food court.

The dining room was practically empty on our last visit (Friday lunchtime). The nondescript matte painted black door makes it look like a nightclub. Some pretty minor changes could improve business I'm sure.

2017 Dec 15
The food is consistently quite good here—especially the vegetarian items. Today I tried the made-to-order Dosa and was absolutely thrilled. Beautifully thin and addictively crispy!

2017 Oct 29
Thumbs up again from our second visit here. After we'd already filled our plates we noticed that they also offer made-to-order dosas with their lunch buffet. Something for next time!

There aren't a ton of choices but everything is very good. The chickpea dish was my absolute favourite this time... so excellent. Contrasting with my first visit, dessert was rice pudding rather than gulab jamun. Yum!

2017 May 13
Enjoyed the buffet lunch here last Wednesday! The cost is $15 and it comes with a small portion of delicious buttered naan (the pictured basket was for four of us). The food quality was excellent with about half of the options being meatless.

There was even gulab jamun for dessert. The only unusual omission I noticed was a lack of crunchy appetizer foods like samosas, pakoras, and papadums.

Will definitely be back!






2013 Oct 8
Today's lunch buffet offered kheer, gulab jamun, a nice coconut sweet, and what I assume was carrot barfi. I love Indian sweets so this was a wonderful way to finish.

2013 Oct 8
Food quality today seemed better than I remembered it. Everything was delicious! The naan was fresh, the tandoori chicken tender, and the saucy dishes were all tasty. One dish featured pieces of (ground) lamb kebab in a nice gravy. Another featured paneer cheese in satisfying and tasty cubes. The spinach dish had some vegetables (and no paneer) but was one of the tastiest things there!

All around thumbs up on this one. :-)

2013 Mar 13
Great lunch buffet quality endures here. I was thrilled to see an enhanced dessert selection:

* Kheer - beautifully sweet and creamy.
* Gulab Jamun - generous and so good.
* Assorted sweets - I loved the green coconut one.

2012 May 23
Lunchtime offerings were as good as ever! Tandoori chicken was exceptionally tasty this time. My only complaint is there hasn't been Gulab Jamun for dessert when I've visited recently. The Kheer was good though.

2010 Nov 1
To Ravi Shanghavi: The owner did not pass away. I believe it is still the same two owners, brothers.

Had lunch the other day and found a pretty good variety of food. We go out with groups from work and this is always a favorite because it usually pleases everyone! Always good, fresh food! I'm lactose and gluten intolerant so I can always eat lots and never leave hungry. Will keep going back!

2010 Jul 31
The owner passed away so it is likely that there is new management. The highlight of the haveli buffet is the dessert table as you've got way more variety than any other indian buffet I've been to. The food itself isn't memorable.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2009 Dec 21
I was here more than 5-6 times in the last couple of years... and food was always delicious. Today I went there for lunch buffet with my wife... my recommendation... and we both got sick... it was definitely my last time at Haveli's Bells Corners...

It looked to me that this place is run by a new crew/management.

I recommend Indian Clay Owen in Kanata instead.

2006 Sep 30
Every time we have colleague moving to another department or leaving the company, this is the place for lunch. I am a bit sick of the buffet lunch. I only eat the curry beef with their freshly oven baked bread. Not a fan of it. But go there because of majority votes.




2014 Mar 4
I have been a long time lurker for this awesome forum/website and actually use it once in a while... certainly a helpful tool to find Ottawa's hidden gems...

I went to Ceylona for lunch based on the amount of thumbs up it got on this website. But in all honesty and like I said below, I was not too pleased with the Ceylona lunch buffet.

I also think that SweetCookie shouldn't be criticized for comparing it to Haveli since they are both pretty similar in terms of flavors and curries.

That said, I promise to share both my BAD & GOOD experiences around town :)

2014 Mar 3
I for one have always enjoyed the Carling location buffet. Limited selection but great flavours and some damn good soups, 2 co-workers from South India commented how good the food was. They have been back many times and speaks volumes of the taste and spices. I will be back !!

2014 Mar 3
Gotta point out that Ceylonta ayce lunch buffet is far far far from their best work.

It's decent as far as a lunch buffet goes, but to really get the reason so many people love this place, I'd strongly suggest dinner.

2014 Mar 3
Thanks for the support Tajinesaucube- but I would tell you to save your 12.95$ and spend it at Haveli instead:)

2014 Mar 3
I would tend to agree with SweetCookie, not the most appetizing lunch but I mean you can't ask for much since the price is pretty cheap ($12.95) afterall...

2014 Mar 3
After reading the positive reviews on this restaurant I was excited to try Sri Lanken food for the first time.
I went there for lunch and was very disapointed with the buffet menu. Not many choices and the food did not look fresh. Quantities were so small for a buffet. For example, there were only 6 small pieces of tandoori chicken in the plate which made you feel bad to take many.

The server was nice but having the kitchen door open for customers to see what was happening in there really cut my appetite.

Also, the music playing was so bad, felt like a scratched CD that was put on repeat. I can still hear it in my head.

Overall, I would not recommend this place, food had no flavour.

At the same price, go to Haveli, amazing Indian buffet with great variety in dishes and deserts.

2014 Feb 23
Probably the most colourful lunch buffet in Ottawa! Everything is pretty tasty, although the tendency is toward the sweeter and not spicy (i.e. bland) end of the spectrum. $12.95 for AYCE lunch.

2010 Feb 22
- Lots of yummy condiments.
- Delicious rice pudding.
- Many vegetarian options. Sweet potato in coconut sauce was a standout.
- Excellent pappadam.
- Cheap & plentiful.

- Little deep-fried nugget things that were hyped up to me were way overcooked and thus unenjoyable.
- Nan was sub-par. Store-bought?
- Egg in curry sauce tasted as though it had been sitting for a long while.

Overall, pretty good value. I would like to go back and try the dinner menu.

2010 Feb 21
i went just for the dosa and now i quickly understand the comments from schtickyrice (nov 6).

first off, i don't want to say it was a bad meal; everything was fine and tasty, but it stops there. nothing special... considering so many delicious options at that price range (12.95$ sunday brunch), there's other places to go to.

the "unlimited dosa" was quickly disappointing as it was quite soft (not so fresh), and the filling didn't excite enough to make up for the deficiencies.

saffron rice - looks the part, but doesn't quite taste or smell so much
naan - a bit dry; sitting out too long.
curried green beans - blackened?
curry chicken - tomato-based? REALLY tender

everything else is on their website and is good, but enough to write about.

i'm just disappointed because my stomach is only so big, so going for Indian food is a commitment!

i'm definitely aware that buffet food is a grade lower than ordering from the menu, but i reckon basic items like rice and naan could be cared for better, since the saucy curries can sit around with no real detriments.

in the end, the food was good, but the value wasn't there. for a 13$ to fill you up all day, does that equate good value?

(does anyone have recent comments about dosa during dinner hours?)

2009 Nov 5
Went for the lunch buffet and was underwhelmed. I've been for dinner and enjoyed the food, but didn't find the lunch particularly appealing.