Lunch Buffet at Country Place
Foods from Country Place

2012 Oct 17
Not to take away from Nominator, but my family orders from here about once a month, and no one has ever been sick.

We find the food consistent and delicious, and they kindly veganize all kinds of things for us. They're our go-to delivery spot.

2012 Oct 16
This place got rave reviews elsewhere so we bought a couple of dishes as a snack. The chicken balls were the same as anywhere else - completely fine and acceptable. The general Tso's chicken was tasty too, however all who ate from that dish were running to the bathroom the rest of the night. We thew the rest out and won't be returning.

2010 Oct 9
Late last night after shopping for Thanksgiving dinner we decided to order in some Chinese. Our favourite place, Sea King, doesn't deliver, so we searched for a new place,and I'm so glad we did!

We were absolutely delighted with everything about our meal - the lady who took the order was helpful re: food sensitivity questions, delivery was super fast (20 minutes earlier than estimated), the price was incredible, the portions were HUGE, and best of all, the food was absolutely delicious.

Unlike other Chinese take out, the food was light, fresh, and not greasy at all. The flavours were amazing! If you're looking for "familiar" Canadian Chinese food, you will most certainly not be disappointed with this place!

2007 Jun 18
We've been ordering from Country Place for years, since back when they were at Country Place and Merivale - now they're farther north on Merivale. They deliver to Barrhaven, and besides having great food, they are really friendly. Amanda has been taking phone orders as long as I can remember. We always get the General Tso's chicken, the crispy beef, and the open ended egg rolls, as well as trying other things depending on our moods.

We've tried other Chinese restaurants, but always go back to Country Place (although for some reason, we've never eaten in the restaurant....must try soon).


2006 Nov 20
This tiny restaurant is on Merivale, south of Hunt Club. The buffet isn't huge but what they have is of high quality for a buffet. The food is "Canadian" Chinese with an unusually generous selection of vegetables (all with meat though - no purely vegetarian choices other than onion rings). Two of the dishes have a little bit of spicy heat to them.

Highly recommended if you like Chinese buffets!