This vendor no longer exists!


Lunch buffet Wednesday through Friday.

Foods from Pepper Garden

2013 Sep 13
Sadly, as of May 31/13, the restaurant has closed. Kinda sad to see it closed; it was always a solid choice any time we dropped in.

2012 Jun 23
Great staff. Great food. Quaint, Comfortable and Reasonably Priced. The only real alternative for East-enders.

The patio is just "out there" next to the parking lot but - unlike most establishments in Ottawa - at least they have one and it faces west so useable spring/fall and on cooler days where you would freeze anywhere else.

2010 Nov 3
Best restaurant and value for money on the east side of downtown. Food is remarkably high quality and the prices are reasonable!
Would highly recommend.

2010 Oct 30
I had driven by this place many times since moving out to the East end and finally visited with a group of friends this past week. I left very satisfied.

By all ordering different dishes, our small group managed to cover a good portion of their focused menu. I had the duck confit, which I loved. Others at our table ordered steak, pasta, or seafood and all of their dishes looked (and apparently tasted) wonderful.

They also have some good local beers on tap, including Kitchissipi and Beau's.

Service was friendly and prompt. Prices were reasonable for the quality of the food (average price for a main course seems to be around $18 or $19).

After our visit, I'm sort of kicking myself for not visiting earlier. I've been disappointed by a number of restaurants in the East end but this is one I can recommend wholeheartedly.

2010 Sep 13
If you are on Montreal Rd in the East end of Ottawa, and you are looking for tasty fresh food, I would definatelty try this place. It's advantage is that there are not many great restaurants in that area (other than Pilos if you are in the mood for Greek!)It's not very cheap but worth spending your pennies on healthy and tasty food.
I always have the grilled vegetable saladt which is amazing. Filling and healthy!

I think they also have a Sunday Brunch buffet which is a great place to reserve for larger groups.

2009 Aug 25
My mother and I stopped into this place one afternoon after a theatre matinee while we waited for Host India (down the street) to open for dinner. We were just going to order a glass of wine but ended up ordering bruschetta. It was the best I've ever had. Their "Bomtini" martini is also very good (especially when you have two!!)...

We vowed to go back for dinner and accomplished that mission this past Saturday evening. My husband, mother, and I had reservations for 7pm. It was about 2/3 full when we got there.

Tip: I would recommend requesting a table for groups bigger than two because their booths are tiny and slightly crampish. We got a table.

Service was prompt and friendly. Atmosphere was relaxed. Lighting was good, music was present but not too loud. Kitchen is visible but not clattering.

We ordered a bottle of Wolf Blass Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. Twist cap made wine service quick. Ice bucket was provided. Server poured the first glass and then never came to refill. That's a problem for me. You offer wine service or you don't - make up your mind. You go to all the effort of steaming and polishing glasses, just go the extra step.

My husband ordered garlic cheese bread (provolone with pancetta). It sounded better than it tasted. Wasn't bubbly or brown. Just melted, greasy cheese with greasy pancetta sprinkled on top. Bread service (sliced with butter) was a nice touch. Had the server told us there would be bread service, we would not have ordered garlic bread (she brought them at the same time).

For dinner, I ordered grilled tilapia. It came with mixed grilled vegetables, my choice of starch (roasted taters), and a "warm yellow pepper and tomato salsa." It was wonderful. The fish was cooked perfectly. Veggies were grilled but still firm and the potatoes were good (I had too many). Lemon wedge allowed me to spritz. I loved every bite.

My mother ordered the encrusted salmon and she loved hers as well. Salmon was also served with mixed grilled vegetables and choice of starch.

My husband had the fettuccine alfredo with chicken. My husband always has fettuccine alfredo with chicken so he's an expert in this field. He loved his meal. Lots of chicken. Ate every bite.

For dessert I ordered the "sour cherry cheesecake with shortbread crust." It was a mistake. It looked old and defrosted from a box. It was sunken in and tasted of freezer cardboard. Crust was chewy and dense. Like old graham crackers. A sloppy mess of coulis (mango?) and whipped cream from a can could not save this poor poor sweet failure. May it rest in peace.

Overall, the meal was good and service was friendly. They take reservations, which is a plus (for me). It sure beat Boston Pizza or the Kelsey's circuit. I would give it another chance.