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A mildly spicy potato and onion mixure wrapped in a crispy, South Indian crepe. The batter is made from fermented lentils and rice mixed with water.

Dosa at India Curry and Kebab House
Dosa at India Curry and Kebab House
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2006 Nov 18
The dosas here are the house specialty, and for good reason. They are huge and great. The crepe is pleasantly crispy and the potato filling is delicious. Not too spicy, just a little bit of heat to the potatoes. More so if you add some of the chutney you get with them. They also come with a bowl of lentil soup.



2008 Sep 6
i love the masala dosa (or dosai?) from Ceylonta. When i go there, i make sure to also get Shrimp curry, because the shrimp curry sauce goes perfectly with the Masala dosa.

2018 Jun 2
A more delightful photo of the made-to-order Masala Dosa offered at the daily lunch buffet. So good!

2018 Apr 6
So tasty and wonderfully crispy! Getting the dosa at the lunch buffet (now $16+tax) is an absolute must.