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Lunch Buffet at Hong Chow
Foods from Hong Chow

2012 Nov 16
its now closed



2006 Sep 29
Went there once. Decor was nice (the workmanship was bad though). Rumor has it that their dim-sum was from Toronto (came frozen). So, they steamed it to heat up the dim-sum. Wasn't impressed with the sushi either. Will I go back? Nah.



2008 May 10
Yes, it's pretty standard buffet quality here but I'm impressed with any buffet that offers freshly prepared sushi (the sushi chef is busily preparing a wide spectrum of maki and nigiri behind the counter). Not the best sushi either (the tuna salad roll is a bit of a WTF), but awesome in a buffet.

The dishes on offer are switched up a bit from visit to visit. Last time they even had battered and fried whole sardines...

The tasty Thai salad (see photo) is a nice touch too.