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2015 Aug 13
A well-stocked dessert counter at an Indian buffet is truly irresistible to me. Pictured here are kheer, carrot halwa, barfi, and gulab jamun. All were delicious, the kheer being especially perfect. I also noticed some almond (?) cookies and little bowls of chocolate pudding/mousse. Awesome!

This is a freshly renovated and visually pleasant restaurant. The tables in the main dining area look really nice and there are several other rooms in the building that can be booked or used for private events. The manager showed us around and we were impressed at the scale and potential of the facility.

2015 Aug 6
I stopped in with a friend to the Bell's Corners location and everything I tried was great. A totally new experience for me was the crab curry. Rich and creamy , it was addictive. I couldn't eat a lot if it because it was a bit sweet but it will get me back to this location for sure.


2015 Aug 13
This lunch buffet ($14) was nothing short of epic! More than 16 hot dishes, numerous cold salads and pickles/chutneys, and a varied dessert counter place this ahead of Ottawa's other Indian buffets. The food was uniformly tasty and wonderful. I tried to fit a little bit of all the hot dishes on the plate in this photo but I ran out of room. Particularly exceptional were the chana masala, veg khorma, and the fried fish. The crab curry that Tree Pug mentioned was pretty addictive too, although note that it contains surimi rather than actual crab.

The only potential glitch in comparison to other buffets is that there is a surcharge for naan--a fact they didn't mention when asking if we'd like some with our meal. But the food was so good that this hiccup didn't bother me one bit.

2015 Oct 9
The dinner buffet has very slightly greater selection than the massive lunch buffet... maybe 2 more hot dishes and 2 more desserts. That's "spiced duck" at the front left of my pic. The whole plate was delicious. Kind of mind blowing really.